Monday, 17th of December 2018 Item Changes to Lunch Menu at ABC Commissary

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Monday, December 17th 2018 changes to ABC Commissary Lunch Menu

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Removed Chicken Breast Stripsfrom Menu Items
Removed Toy Story Land Cupcakefrom Menu Items
Added Fish and Shrimp Platterto Menu Items
Added Shrimp Platterto Menu Items
Added 1/3 lb. Cheeseburgerto Menu Items
Added Green Beansto Menu Items
Added Coleslawto Menu Items
Added French Friesto Menu Items
Added Uncrustablesto Menu Items
Added Chicken Stripsto Menu Items
Added Mac & Cheeseto Menu Items
Removed Annual Passholder 20%from Discount Types
Added Entreesto Chicken ClubMenu Categories
Added Entreesto 1/3 lb. CheeseburgerMenu Categories
Added Side Dishesto Green BeansMenu Categories
Added Side Dishesto French FriesMenu Categories