Friday, 23rd of October 2020 Menu Changes to Lunch/Dinner Menu at Lotus Blossom Cafe

Friday, October 23rd 2020 changes to Lotus Blossom Cafe Lunch/Dinner Menu

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Lunch/Dinner Menunoteschanged from Kids meals include choice of 1% milk, small bottled water or orange Kids meals include applesauce and choice of 1% milk, small bottled water, small soda or apple juice.
Orange Chicken Combonamechanged from Orange Chickento Orange Chicken Combo
Orange Chicken Combodescriptionchanged from with Steamed Riceto with Steamed Rice, Egg Roll and Steamed Broccoli
Orange Chicken Combocostchanged from 10.95to 13.50
Sweet-and-Sour Chickendescriptionchanged from with steamed rice to with steamed rice and carrots
Removed Beef Noodlefrom Menu Items
Removed Sichuan Spicy Chickenfrom Menu Items
Removed Vegetarian Stir Fryfrom Menu Items
Removed Sesame Chicken Saladfrom Menu Items
Removed Shrimp Fried Ricefrom Menu Items
Added Chicken Fried Rice Comboto Menu Items
Added Mongolian Beef Comboto Menu Items
Added Entreesto Chicken Fried Rice ComboMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Mongolian Beef ComboMenu Categories