Guide Maps: A Roadmap Through Disney Parks History

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In a recent AllEars.Net blog, I alluded to my odd quirk of getting my hands on guide maps each and every time I enter a Disney theme park. I will usually grab three — one for actual use during the visit, another to save for posterity and a third one just in case something happens … Continue reading "Guide Maps: A Roadmap Through Disney Parks History"
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Still Goofy About Disney: A blog, re-imagined

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This week AllEars.Net welcomes new Guest Blogger Chuck Schmidt. Chuck has written a blog about all things Disney for the past seven years on He also has authored two books on Disney with a third due out this spring. Chuck has re-imagined his blog and, much like the Festival of the Lion King show that moved to another location, he'll now be blogging regularly on AllEars.Net, with his contributions titled Still Goofy about Disney.

Hulk in Paradise

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by Erin Blackwell AllEars® Team Member Hulk! You hear the name and you immediately get a mental image: big, fierce, muscles out to everywhere, green — Ooo, we were doing so good until that last word. The big guy we’re talking about this time is Hulk Hogan, a professional wrestler and actor, including being the … Continue reading "Hulk in Paradise"