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Reviewed by Foodrocks Review Date: 09/07/2019

Rating: (7)

I was hoping to read a review about the use of the dining plan at this restaurant before trying it but there weren't any that I could find. The meal is one credit however not everything is included on the dining plan. This is the first time this has ever happened to our family in the 10 years we have been going to Disney World and using the dining plan. Other places have addition but this place did not tell you that certain menu items are not included on the plan and it isn't listed on the menu either. This was really disappointing because our server only told us after our drinks had arrived that certain items aren't included like the filet. Since we liked this restaurant in the past and we ordered our drinks, we felt committed to stay. We ordered a less expensive steak which was good not great and the sides weren't included on the plan either. This meant we had to pay oop for them. They tasted great Imashed potatoes and brocollini). Our daughters ordered pasta dishes and said they were fine. The desserts were great though. My daughters ordered two very large sundaes they couldn't finish with lollipops and cupcakes hanging off them. They were special because of an event taking place at the time. We enjoyed this restaurant but they should be upfront about what is included on the dining plan so people can plan accordingly.


Food is tasty


Not being upfront about what is included on the dining plan
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Reviewed by Foodrocks Review Date: 08/23/2019

Rating: (7)

I went to this restaurant with husband and two daughters 17 and 13. The filet and one other steak is not part of the Disney plan but it doesn’t say that anywhere and the waiter never mentioned it either. The sides are extra so there is no value with the meal. My two daughters ordered the tortellini and were hungry when they were finished. The food was tasty but nothing exceptional. We went there for a sundae they had advertised that was very colourful and that was a big hit with our kids. The desserts were all good (key lime pie, carrot cake, and two sundaes.) I think still like the counter service location better.


Great desserts


Pay extra for sides; pricey
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