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Surfside Lounge

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Reviewed by Purpie Review Date: 04/20/2019

Rating: (5)
Not Recommended

Three of us ate here our last day since we had no park tickets and it was one of the two places (other was Whitewater Snacks in the Grand Californian) that had Mickey waffles without being a character breakfast experience.

The eating area is very small but we were lucky to get a table since it was close to 9:45am and the crowds had probably moved on to the parks.

Still, service was slow even though there were only 4 other tables in the place with 2 waitstaff.

One of us ordered the adult Mickey waffle. The other 2 ordered off the kids menu because we wanted waffles but more substance too. We got 2 small Mickey waffles for $7 and the kids breakfast platter.

The waffles were a huge letdown. Highly overpriced for 2 small waffles with nothing else! $3.50 for 4 bites of a waffle. And we both agreed that these did not taste like the traditional Mickey waffle. They were darker and we wondered if they were the whole grain option that could be requested the last time we were at WDW. There was a sprinkling of powdered sugar on top, but these were so disappointing. I wish I had taken a picture of this huge white plate and the two sad Mickey waffles.

The breakfast platter had plenty of nicely scrambled eggs, cubes of hash browns with an unexpected spice to them. Might have been rosemary. As an adult, I enjoyed it, but I’m not sure it would appeal to all kids. There were 2 pieces of turkey bacon which were way too undercooked for me. I had asked for it crisp, but mine was exactly the same as my dining companion. Since the waitress was hard to grab, I microwaved it myself. There is a grab and go lounge connected to the small restaurant, with a microwave on the counter to heat your selections. I microwaved my bacon an extra minute and half to get it crispy.

The platter also came with fruit, which they didn’t bring. I had to ask for it and our waitress wasn’t even aware it was included. But, checking the menu, it was. The fruit cane in a very small cup. There was cantaloupe, honeydew and pineapple chopped as small as a pencil eraser (not exaggerating) and a few grapes the size of walnuts. It wasn’t interesting. At least it was fresh.

All in all, the breakfast was Fine. It was a poor value, slow service and uneventful. Disappointing Mickey waffles and nothing else here that made it a sought after destination.


Mickey SHAPED waffles, if you don’t mind the wheat tasting type


Slow service, small venue, poor value
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Reviewed by cinderlisa Review Date: 10/25/2013

Rating: (7)

We just used this location as a quick grab and go location in the morning (milk, juice, yogurt), and a place for my husband and son to heat up their lunchtime leftovers for dinner one night. They enjoyed sitting in the lounge, eating, after using the microwave. They got to watch some college football while I was in Disneyland waiting in line for our Fantasmic! seats, so it worked fine for our needs.


Convenient for hotel guests, comfy seating


Small area, limited menu
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Reviewed by omalley1118 Review Date: 08/31/2013

Rating: (6)

We ate here last week. We had lunch there on our arrival day. It was 2pm, and we had been up since 315am, traveling form the East Coast. We just wanted food... The menu is very limited. I was perplexed by the fact that they asked if we wanted it there or to go, because we sat there and ate...but it was delivered to go in a shopping bag. My husband and I split the nachos which were ok at best. They came with chicken, which was in big pieces to the side. The kids had mozzarella sticks and wings. The mild wings were NOT mild!!!

Breakfast was better!! There are still few choices, but the food was much better. Seating is a big issue..not enough by far in the mornings!

I would recommend it as long as you know what you're getting into. It's quick and easy and better for breakfast.


Quick and convenient


Not enough seating, limited menu
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