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Reviewed by janiceb402 Review Date: 09/21/2018

Rating: (10)

My grandkids love this place. I have been with them when they had an open house and I wanted to stay there too. The staff is very good even with shy children. There are a variety of activities such as art, cooking, computers, group games, etc. At one point I saw that the staff had set up a miniature golf course for the children in one of the passageways. The inside of the clubs are set up with several different venues for the interest of different children - Toy Story, Star Wars, Marvel, Tinkerbell, etc.

The security and health areas are well handled. Everyone has to do hand washing on the way in. There is a secret password to pick up your children. If your children want to leave, you get a text from the childcare staff on the wave phone that comes in your cabin. Adults are not allowed in (except to pick up their children) except for designated \"open house\" times. And even during the open house times, children who are checked in for care and not with their parents, are in a separate part of the play area.

There is the availability for the children to have lunch or dinner in the childcare center. Our kids did not do that, so I don't have any report on the quality of the food. The facility also stays open later at night if the parents want to have some adult time.

The kids LOVE this place. I have been on other cruise lines and have checked out the child care centers and talked to parents. Disney has far and away the best set up in terms of security, availability of service, and attractiveness to the children.


long hour of operation very attractive to the children good security good cleanliness


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Reviewed by canadamomof3 Review Date: 04/01/2013

Rating: (9)

My kids (ages 3,4, and 6) loved going to the kids clubs - they had a blast! My older 2 chicken out of the performance for the parents on stage with Mickey and Minnie at the end of the cruise, but my daughter was right into it. The only con was the bad phones on board - there were a couple times that they called us (my daughter had been potty trained for a few months but had an accident once and once my autistic son was getting a bit overstimulated and wanted to be picked up) and the phones never rang or indicated a message - we didn't get the messages until 1-2 hours later when we checked the stateroom messages.


Kids didn't want to leave!


Bad phone connection for communication
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