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Celebrate!  a street partyINTRODUCTION

Celebrate! A Street Party brings a festive, colorful, high-energy, interactive dance party to the streets of Disneyland. DJs, characters, and dancers ask guests "What are YOU celebrating?" and invite them to join in the fun and do the twist or join the Conga line.


In addition to featuring almost 100 performers, the parade includes balloon floats, several multi-level stages, stilt walkers, bicyclists and confetti blasts.

As the show proceeds from "it's a small world" down toward Main Street (if there is a second parade, its route is reversed) it stops in three different Celebration Zones for a 12-minute performance. The zones are located along "small world way", at the hub, and on Main Street. The show does not stop in Town Square. Prior to the start of the show Cast Members mark off the boundaries of the Celebration Zones and inform guests seated outside the zones that they are not in the zone. The parade moves very quickly between zones, so those not in a zone will only see it pass by and will not see the show at all.

The party begins with a group of dancers followed by four floats topped with character balloons (Donald, Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy) with three stage floats and more dancers in between. There are characters and a DJ riding on each stage float.

Celebrate float
Donald Balloon float
Mickey Balloon float
Mickey Balloon float

Once the processsion reach the Celebration Zone and stops, everyone goes into action. The DJ asks guests what they are celebrating – birthday, anniversary, engagement, or simply a day at Disneyland. The drums on each character balloon float are used by the dancers as part stage, part prop closet, and part costume trunk.

The dancers don sequined jackets and hats as they swing to "Jump With My Baby Tonight", "I Wanna Be Like You", and "Jump Jive and Wail."

Celebrate dancers
Celebrate dancers

Then it's time to rock to "I Love Rock and Roll", and "Do You Wanna Dance?" Guests are invited to come join the dancers and characters as everyone does "The Twist."

Latin rhythms take over as stiltwalkers in Carnivale-inspired costumes make their appearance and the dancers perform to "Cup of Life" and "Tico Tico" before inviting guests to join them in a Conga line. The Conga section features Latin-style versions of "Under the Sea, "In the Tiki Room", and "Never Had a Friend Like Me".

Celebrate stilt walker
Conga Line

During the finale the characters ride in bicycle chariots to "Can't Stop the Beat". Confetti launchers go off as the song ends, sending streams and Mickey-head confetti into the air.

The concluding dance number is the original "Celebrate You", which continues as the characters climb back on to the stages and the party begins to move off.

Celebrate Bicycle Chariot
Celebrate Confetti


With three performance stops, Celebrate! takes about 50 minutes from start to finish. Each performance stop is about 12 minutes long.

The full performances are only visible in one of the three Celebration Zones, making it more important to arrive early to get a good viewing spot. The procession quickly passes by those areas outside the zones, offering nothing more than a quick glimpse.

Guests are not allowed to remain seated in any of the performance zones. Everyone is asked to stand about 10 minutes before the street party arrives, and must remain standing throughout the performance. (Does not apply to guests in wheelchairs/ECVs).

There are designated viewing areas for guests in wheelchairs/ECVs and their parties – Cast Members along the route can direct guests to these areas.

Guests should be very careful to make sure that they (and their children) stay off the parade route unless invited onto it – there is a lot of activity with the dancers, stiltwalkers, and bicyclists and it would be very easy to get stepped on.


Celebrate! A Street Party features many Disney characters. There are several opportunities for guests (especially younger guests) to go out and participate in dancing, beating a drum, or playing a guitar, but they must stay off the street until invited to do so.


Celebrate! A Street Party permiered on March 27, 2009 as part of Disney's "What Will You Celebrate" promotion.

There are 48 dancers, 12 stiltwalkers, 12 bicycle chariot drivers, three DJs and 24 Disney characters

The rather shapely chipmunk character is Clarice, from the Chip and Dale cartoon Two Chips and a Miss.

There is one original song – "Celebrate You."

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