Citizens of Hollywood at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


The essence of Hollywood in the 1930s and ’40s is recreated in many ways throughout the Disney’s Hollywood Studios. One of the more entertaining and interactive ways is entertainers known as the “Citizens of Hollywood.”

Citizens of Hollywood


TheCitizens of Hollywood can be found primarily along Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards at various points throughout the day.

These are all people that live in Hollywood, and you never know who you’ll meet! You may encounter starlets, gossip columnists, reporters, policemen, cabbies, and many others whose hilarious interactions with each other and with guests will have you laughing out loud.

They may simply cruising in an old school vehicle and shouting at guests, or they may set up full-scale productions and games that involve audience participation.

They are a delight, and we highly recommend stopping to enjoy them for just a few minutes!


There are a variety of characters you may meet! Some from the past and present include:

Francis Floot

Francis Floot

Bucky Greenhorn

Bucky Greenhorn – a young actor

Melvin Macheezmo

Melvin Macheezmo – wannabe actor

Babs and Buzz

Babs Fabulous & Buzz Ardman

Jack Diamond

Jack Diamond, talent agent

Otto von Bonn Bahn

Director Vladimir Pooey


Rosie the Cleaning Lady

Dorma Nesmond

Cloe Canard

Bucky Greenhorn and Fanny O’Rear


Director Flavio Fellini


Minerva Limpwhistle

Minerva Limpwhistle

Boss Gus Goobleman and Frankie Scottkey
(and Jack)

Cloe Canard

Ready Freddy Fiddlesticks

Tallulah Fruiti

Frederick Lewenowsky

Minerva Limpwhistle and friend

Honey Darling
a starlet

Streetmosphere Magnificent Man

Magnificent Man

Alberto Dante

Alberto Dante, an Italian actor

Streetmosphere Rena Nevada

Rena Nevada, a cowgirl




The Citizens of Hollywood performers can usually be found along Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards, sometimes even calling down from one of the windows above the shops.

They are usually only performing in the morning and early afternoon — make sure to check your times guide or My Disney Experience app to see if there are any scheduled times.

Don’t be afraid to engage the characters in conversation — hilarious hijinks are sure to ensue!