Citizens of Hollywood (Streetmosphere) Disney’s Hollywood Studios


The essence of Hollywood in the 1930s and '40s is recreated in many ways throughout the Disney's Hollywood Studios. One of the more entertaining and interactive ways is through the use of street performers who enhance the atmosphere, hence the name "Streetmosphere."


Streetmosphere performers, known as "Citizens of Hollywood" in this park, can be found primarily along Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards at various points throughout the day. You may encounter starlets, gossip columnists, reporters, policemen, cabbies, and many others whose hilarious interactions with each other and with guests will have you laughing out loud. For example, I once encountered a group of seven Streetmosphere actors who enlisted the aid of the gathering crowd as they conducted the entertaining 1946 Spelling Bee, rigged, of course, so that a member of the audience (a young boy from New York) came out the winner.

The actors are constantly changing, but some characters of the past and present are (and we apologize if we get someone's name wrong — please let us know if we do!):

Francis Floot

Francis Floot

Bucky Greenhorn

Bucky Greenhorn – a young actor

Melvin Macheezmo

Melvin Macheezmo – wannabe actor

Babs and Buzz

Babs Fabulous & Buzz Ardman

Jack Diamond

Jack Diamond, talent agent

Otto von Bonn Bahn

Director Vladimir Pooey


Rosie the Cleaning Lady

Dorma Nesmond

Cloe Canard

Bucky Greenhorn and Fanny O'Rear


Director Flavio Fellini

photo ©2007 Barrie Brewer

Sparky Sparks

Minerva Limpwhistle

Minerva Limpwhistle

Boss Gus Goobleman and Frankie Scottkey
(and Jack)

Cloe Canard

Ready Freddy Fiddlesticks

Tallulah Fruiti

Frederick Lewenowsky

Minerva Limpwhistle and friend

Honey Darling
a starlet

Streetmosphere Magnificent Man

Magnificent Man

Alberto Dante

Alberto Dante, an Italian actor

Streetmosphere Rena Nevada

Rena Nevada, a cowgirl

Plus these characters (some of the past), who we have no photos for (feel free to send yours in!):

Dorma Nesmond

Officers Duncan Donut and Les Manly

Ima Fraudian,
acting coach to the stars

Cecily DeMille

Greta Garbage (pronounced Gar-bahj), laundress to the stars

Carlotta Diamond

Roman Holiday, an actor

Bunny Hop, a starlet


The Citizens of Hollywood performers can usually be found along Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards, sometimes even calling down from one of the windows above the shops.

Don't be afraid to engage the characters in conversation — hilarious hijinks are sure to ensue!

Check with Guest Relations or the Cast Members at Hollywood Junction at the corner of Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards to find out if and when any characters will be performing.


Stevan Slover, 3/09: My wife and I enjoy the streetmosphere characters at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Our favorite the last few years has been Dorma Nesmond. She is such a fun character. We always look forward to seeing her when we are there. She always is so nice and really gets into the character. She is amazing.

Kathy Curley, 2/09: We have met the most charming character, Dorma Nesmond, at the Hollywood Studios! She is so entertaining and quite the "actress" — obviously a spin-off of Norma Desmond from Sunset Boulevard. You can catch her there quite often… many times suffering so graciously in her velvet costume in the Florida heat! Once we were chatting with her and some Asian guests came up and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned to answer their question and she went on, speaking fluently with them! We were quite amazed. If you get the chance to meet her, by all means stop. We guarantee you will truly enjoy the experience!

Kim B. writes: We were at Disney's Hollywood on 9/12/02 and had the opportunity to meet Alberto Dante and Officer Edmund Sideman before the start of the Stars and Motor Cars Parade. What a hoot! My dad is a retired police lieutenant, which I let the police officer know, so he started messing around with Dad. The next thing we know, Alberto comes up to us, so I let him know that Dad was half Italian. He started speaking what was supposed to pass as Italian to Dad, and asking him all kinds of questions about where he was from. He got very indignant when Dad answered Springfield, Ohio. (Alberto wanted to know where in Italy!) We had such a good time with both of them, and realized too late that we had the video camera, but had neglected to tape any of it. Meeting Alberto and Edmund was a very nice start to a really neat parade!

The Mackey Family writes: "Just thought I'd share a fun experience we had. In 1997, we were fortunate to come across the "water check" performance, a hilarious show that included Francis the plumber. Then in August 2000, as we walked down Hollywood Boulevard we came across Francis again (same cast member) but he'd been "discovered" and is now a movie star. Our daughters got his autograph (Francis Floot) and we got pictures with him and his girlfriend (Mary Malone). He didn't miss a beat when we said we recognized him from his "water check" days! That's when he shared how he'd been "discovered." It was truly a delight to recognize him and to have him respond so nicely to our family. We also met a pretty 'starlet', Bunny Hop, who posed for a picture with my husband. I encourage all visitors to look for these street performers as they make the visit especially fun."

If you have comments or tips to share with others about the Citizens of Hollywood (Streetmosphere) performers at Disney's Hollywood Studios, please email us. Thanks.