All Menus from Coronado Springs Resort and Epcot in Walt Disney World

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African Outpost

American Adventure

Liberty Inn - Lunch/Dinner (Closed) (June 2019)

Block & Hans - Snacks (September 2019)

Canada Pavilion

China Pavilion

Joy of Tea - All Day (August 2019)

France Pavilion

Monsieur Paul - Dinner (September 2019)

Future World East

Taste Track - Lunch/Dinner (Closed) (Seasonal)

Cool Wash - Snacks (October 2019)

Future World West

Germany Pavilion

Italy Pavilion

Italy Donkey - Snacks (September 2019)

Japan Pavilion

Kabuki Cafe - All Day (November 2018)

Mexico Pavilion

Morocco Pavilion

Juice Bar - Snacks (December 2018)

Norway Pavilion

Showcase Plaza

United Kingdom Pavilion

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Coronado Springs Resort

Maya Grill - Dinner (September 2019)

Cafe Rix - All Day (September 2019)