Quiz – Where Am I? – Answers

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Yesterday I provided you with pictures of Disney icons. It was your job to figure out where I was standing or sitting when I took the pictures. Here are the answers. Like all of my quizzes, no winners will be announced and no prizes awarded. Good luck! 1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad This picture shows … Continue reading "Quiz – Where Am I? – Answers"

Quiz – Where Am I? – Questions

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Each Sunday, under the “Picture This” section of the AllEars Blog Central page, Erin Blackwell presents “Where In The World.” Each week, she posts a close-up picture taken somewhere at Walt Disney World. It is up to you to figure what’s in the picture. It’s a great game that I play regularly. I can usually … Continue reading "Quiz – Where Am I? – Questions"
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It’s Over My Head – Part Three – Epcot

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Last week I began a discussion about the many wonderful details that can be found above our heads at the Disney parks. I talked about both the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Today I will continue my story with the ceilings and up-high details of Epcot. Not all ceilings are beautiful or even tolerable. … Continue reading "It’s Over My Head – Part Three – Epcot"