It’s Over My Head – Part Three – Epcot

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Last week I began a discussion about the many wonderful details that can be found above our heads at the Disney parks. I talked about both the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Today I will continue my story with the ceilings and up-high details of Epcot. Not all ceilings are beautiful or even tolerable. … Continue reading "It’s Over My Head – Part Three – Epcot"

Germany Pavilion – Part Two

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Yesterday I began a clockwise tour of the Germany Pavilion and ended with the Kunstarbeit in Kristall shop located at the back of the platz. Today we continue our journey. Behind the Kunstarbeit in Kristall shop is a large fortress. The Imagineers based this structure on Stahleck Castle located in the Rhine Valley and Eltz … Continue reading "Germany Pavilion – Part Two"

Germany Pavilion – Part One

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The Germany and Morocco Pavilions hold an interesting honor among the World Showcase nations. They are the only two that have their own landing for the Friendship Boats that transit guests across the lagoon. Personally, I’ve never had a problem with walking around the promenade, but for those who do, this taxi service is a … Continue reading "Germany Pavilion – Part One"