My BEST ADVICE for Arriving Early at Disney World

Let’s talk Disney World planning!

I love Disney World!

Disney World planning can feel a bit overwhelming because of changes to attractions, possibilities of bad weather, and handling crowds. Luckily that’s why AllEars.Net exists! We have tons of tips and tricks to make these overwhelming topics a piece of cake when it comes to your Disney vacation and one of my favorite bits of advice is about arriving early because it can change your trip!

I go to Disney World almost every day so I know a thing or two about how to maximize your time in the parks. Arriving early in Disney World can be an essential part of your trip especially if you have a long list of must dos. When I say arriving early, I mean that in two ways!

My friends and I go to Disney a lot!

The first way is arriving a day before your vacation in the parks begins! I have been going to Disney World almost every day for years now but before I moved to sweaty Orlando, I lived in Tennessee and traveled to Disney World several times a year.


I have had trips where I flew in the morning my park days began, and it was very exciting and a lot of fun. However, I found myself crashing really early in the evening and not being able to easily make it to the end of the day. While this isn’t always a problem, there are those days where Disney ticket prices are higher and you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of that ticket you paid for!

Nighttime at Magic Kingdom!

For me, if I’m going to a Disney park on vacation I want to be in the park from the moment it opens to the moment it closes. Now I know everyone isn’t that way, but I am! When I would come in college especially, I knew if I was gonna save my money for months (and maybe years) then I wanted to get every dime spent. That’s why flying in the day before my park days was such a great deal for me. 

Let’s travel!

Arriving early to Disney meant getting a full evening of rest before I was ready to hit the ground running in the parks. I know this means paying for an extra night in a hotel, but for me, it meant I got to enjoy my vacation even more without being overly exhausted.

A look inside a Disney room!

Arriving early in this way is such a great way to set yourself up for success before an even better Disney trip. Another way that you can arrive early in Disney World is through Early Entry at your Disney World resort. 

Early Entry at EPCOT!

Early Entry is a perk that allows certain resort guests into the theme parks before the offical opening time for the day! It gives resort guests entry into select areas of each park 30 minutes before the park opens.

Early entry lines!

Using this tool to arrive at the parks early can help you maximize your priority list early in the day. There’s only select merchandise and rides available during this time, but it can make a huge difference in the wait times. This can give you access to some of the most popular rides in Disney without everyone in lines with you!

Early Entry!

Arriving early in Disney World in both ways helps so much if you have limited time in the parks, you’re wanting to maximize your time, or you’re an early riser and ready to go to the parks asap! Don’t forget to keep following AllEars.Net for more tips and tricks for your Disney trip.

And before you go…we recently played a very fun game of Capture the Flag in Disney World! You can watch that video right here.

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Do you have tips for arriving early in Disney World? Share them with us in the comments below!

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  1. Completely agree! Get in the day before, hit Disney Springs for din̈ner and some pre-park fun, and get to bed at a good time for the early entry into the parks the next day. Works really well!