VIDEO: Finally! We’re Riding Disney’s NEW ‘Tangled’ Ride

We’re having the time of our lives in Tokyo DisneySea experiencing everything their new land, Fantasy Springs, has to offer!

Flynn and Rapunzel

We’ve gotten to explore Frozen Kingdom and now it’s time to head over to something we’ve been wanting for YEARS — a Tangled ride!

Over in Rapunzel’s Forest (*screaming ensues*), you’ll find Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival, a first-of-its-kind attraction that follows Rapunzel and Flynn Rider on a thrilling adventure that visits iconic sights from the film as their love blossoms.

But what does that really mean? We’re finally finding out!

The attraction’s queue line winds through a series of props and easter eggs from the film before gusts board a boat ride. The first scene takes place outdoors, complete with animatronics of Rapunzel in her tower…

Rapunzel in her tower…

… Flynn watching her…


… and Maximus, the film’s true hero.

Maximus animatronic.

This opening is quite effective, and it immediately differentiates the ride from others thanks to having animatronics outside. We are curious to see how they hold up against the rages of weather, though.

Our boat next travels into the show building, where we see several iconic moments from the film come to life, First up is Rapunzel and Flynn in the forest, where Rapunzel is swinging through the trees from her hair.

“Swing Swing”

Next up is Rapunzel healing Flynn’s wound with her hair, which is executed remarkably through physical effects and lightning mixed with projection mapping to give real texture to her magical hair.

Rapunzel’s healing hair

The highlight of the ride is, unsurprisingly, the Lantern Festival. This scene totally blew us away. Our ride vehicle was completely enveloped in the lanterns, to the point where it really felt like we were on a lake with Flynn and Rapunzel as they were falling in love. This moment alone gave credence to Imagineering’s claim that this was the “most romantic attraction they’d ever produced.”

The Lantern Festival

We loved this attraction overall. It’s a bit short in its running time, especially compared to the long wait times it’s sure to draw. However, the climax at the Lantern Festival alone is arguably worth the wait, as it’s truly one of the best single scenes in any Disney attraction we’ve ever experienced.

The enveloping lanterns

But there’s more where that came from! The new sea port officially opens on June 6th, so get ready to visit it soon! We’re exploring all that Fantasy Springs has to offer a little early, so be sure stay tuned to AllEars!

Learn everything there is to know about Fantasy Springs right here!

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Disclosure: We were invited by Tokyo Disney to attend the Fantasy Springs media preview. This did not affect our reporting of the event — our opinions are our own.

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