5 Lies Everyone Believes About Disney World Hotel Rooms

While the Disney World parks are usually the star of the show, they aren’t all that Disney World has to offer!

Grand Floridian Resort

The Disney World hotels are a great way to experience the theming and quiet luxury of Disney World, all while relaxing and getting away from the hustle and bustle of the parks. A lot of folks steer clear of the Disney World hotels entirely or shy away from specific ones because of lies and myths that run rampant throughout the Disney community. We’re here to play Myth Busters today!

We talk to so. many. folks. about these Disney World lies, and we’re here to publicly explain why each of these statements are misconceptions. Let’s go!

1. “The hotel I stay at doesn’t matter. I’m only there to sleep!”

You’re there to sleep, yes. However, you’re going to be EXHAUSTED, and it’s important that you get quality sleep throughout your vacation. The hotel you choose plays an important role in the quality of sleep you get.

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We post Disney World essentials all the time, and there’s a reason we recommend bringing fans and sound machines along on your trip if you stay at a value resort. The walls are thinner and the rooms are closer together. It’s loud. You can hear the conversations in the room next to you if folks are talking at a normal volume. You can hear toilets flush. You can hear showers running and doors closing. Yes, the hotel you choose DOES matter, ESPECIALLY if you are only there to sleep.

2. “My room location doesn’t matter, because once again, I’m only there to sleep.”

Picture this. It’s storming. It came out of nowhere while you were on the bus back to the hotel. Your baby is asleep in your arms and you also grabbed some fresh food on your way out of the parks to enjoy once you get to the room. You don’t have any rain gear on you.

Coronado Springs is a great example of a resort that has rooms located in the main building as well as rooms located a trek away.

At this moment, you’re probably dreading getting off the bus, and you’re probably wishing you’d spent a few extra bucks per night to be located in the main building and not a ten-minute-uncovered-sidewalk-trek away from the bus stop. I don’t think more elaboration is necessary for this one, folks!

3. “I would never stay in a Disney hotel because they’re SPYING on me with the ‘Hey, Disney’ device.”

We hear this one all the time. While it’s a totally valid concern, there are some other things to consider here, y’all. As a bit of backstory, the ‘Hey, Disney’ device is Disney’s Amazon Alexa virtual assistant that they use in the hotel rooms.

Hey, Disney!

Listen. If Disney wanted to spy on you and your habits, they wouldn’t do it with the ‘Hey, Disney’ device. They already have so many consumer profiles built based on your purchasing habits in the park and online, your Disney+ habits, and even which parks and attractions you visit. That’s marketing, and that’s showbiz.

4. “The Deluxe Resorts don’t have great theming and aren’t ideal for my littles.”

Parents lament all the time that they want to stay in a Deluxe Resort hotel but are afraid their children won’t enjoy it because the rooms aren’t filled with over-the-top theming and super cool bunk beds, etc. unless they splurge on a suite.

You can point out all the cool references to the kiddos!

The theming is still there, but it’s a bit more subtle! Sure, you probably won’t be sleeping in a room that looks like Ariel’s cartoon grotto, but you’ll see subtle references throughout the space that are almost like a fun scavenger hunt for the kiddos. Chances are, they’ll be excited just to be sleeping at a big hotel. Oh, and if you need a Pack ‘n’ Play or anything, Disney will provide that for you! Just let them know when booking or when you arrive.

5. “I can’t have my room decorated anymore.”

A lot of Disney World visitors opt to celebrate momentous occasions or accomplishments by having their hotel room decorated or floral arrangements delivered. Disney announced in 2023 that Disney Floral and Gifts would be discontinued, and a lot of fans thought that meant that decor would be no more.

Grand Floridian

They just do it via a third party now. You can still get the same services through Florida Fresh Floral!

And there you have it!  Consider those commonly-believed hotel room myths DEBUNKED. We’ll continue to keep you all updated with more Disney news, so follow along for more so that you never miss a thing.

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3 Replies to “5 Lies Everyone Believes About Disney World Hotel Rooms”

  1. Not everyone will agree with #1. Our family has a saying: “All hotel rooms look the same behind closed eyes.” We are there for the parks, and after a full day of touring the parks we are exhausted and could fall asleep on a concrete slab at the bus stop.

  2. The new service is NOT the same as Disney’s floral and gifts… They no longer go in and set up the room, you have to go down to the front desk and collect your purchases. Not the same at all!