You’ve Walked By This Hidden Disney World Detail HUNDREDS of Times…And It’s About to BLOW YOUR MIND

Disney World is full of SO many details that it’s hard to pick up on all of them, even if you go to the parks EVERY single day.


From hidden Mickeys to secret details in rides to secret menu foods, there’s SO much to discover in Disney World. But there’s ONE particular detail in Magic Kingdom that we bet you have NEVER noticed, but we’ll tell you all about it!

So let’s head on over to Frontierland, where we’re sure you’ve seen the Frontier Trading Post, which is a store, as well as a Disney pin trading location.

Frontier Trading Post

But have you ever actually looked at the sign ABOVE the store? If you have, you might notice a name there: “Texas” John Slaughter — Trail Boss. 

Frontier Trading Post sign

Now we ALL know that Disney Imagineers usually have meaning behind all of these random details — so who is that? That’s the same with this sign, and believe it or not, this was actually a REAL person.  According to the Texas State Historical Association, the REAL John Horton Slaughter was a sheriff and rancher who lived in the late 1800s-early 1900s and was a Texas Ranger just before the Civil War.

Frontier Trading Post sign

He later served during the Civil War and was a two-term sheriff for Cochise County, Texas. He also formed a ranch company and became one of the first people to drive cattle up the Chisholm Trail (hence the title “trail boss”). But he was also the inspiration for a late 1950s Walt Disney’s series called “Texas John Slaughter” on The Magical World of Disney.

John Horton Slaughter would’ve been right at home in Frontierland

According to D23, the episodes of the series were compiled into a movie, which was a fictionalized retelling of John Slaughter’s adventures. It’s likely the Frontier Trading Post sign is an homage to that more so than the real person, but isn’t it interesting knowing more about the man behind the name on a Disney World store sign?

We’ll keep an eye out for even more interesting Disney World details, so be sure to check back with AllEars again soon.

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Have you ever noticed the name on the Frontier Trading Post sign before? Let us know in the comments!

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