AllEars TV: EPCOT is NOTHING Like It Used To Be

EPCOT is a place for the rapid transmission of new ideas. Huh? You mean that place with the Frozen ride?


EPCOT is a forum for new and ever-changing technologies and discoveries in the arts and sciences. Sorry, I’m sure what you’re saying is important but I’m in a rush to get to Karamell-Küche.

EPCOT is a symposium on the way we might choose to design our future lives. An exhibition of possibility. A PLACE TO LEARN AND GROW AND INSPIRE CREATIVITY AND ASPIRATIONAL THINKING. Sounds boring, how long is the Soarin’ line?

Oh, ok. Well. There was a time when this place was cool. Scratch that, there was a time when EPCOT was the coolest, but there’s a short expiration date on “The Future”, so that original idea would be too expensive to maintain, and people have clearly lost interest in learning while visiting a theme park.
World of Motion, Wonders of Life, Journey Into Imagination as well as The Living Seas and SeaBase Alpha were all early EPCOT rides and attractions that no longer exist in their original form (or at all). Looking around today it’s impossible to picture this park in its glory days because EPCOT Is NOTHING Like It Used To Be.

Click Below to Watch Our Latest RTT EPCOT Then vs NOW!

Have you been to EPCOT before all the Changes? What’s your favorite memory from then? Let us know down in the comments below!

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