PHOTOS: Step Inside Universal Orlando’s NEW Immersive Movie-Themed Store!

When you think of summer movies, what titles come to mind?

Summer movies!

If it’s classics like E.T., Jaws, and Back To The Future, Universal Orlando has created a new store JUST FOR YOU, and we won’t lie — it’s pretty epic. So step inside with us to check out Universal Orlando’s Summer Tribute Store!

If you’re not familiar with Universal’s tribute stores, they’re basically highly-immersive shops where you can get limited-time merchandise specific to a certain theme. And, for the summer of 2022, the store has transformed into a hub where you can shop some of the most classic movies, and the experience starts when you walk in with an entrance that looks like an old theater. 

The Tribute Store

You’ll even find some movie posters outside advertising the “feature films.”

Molly LOVES sharks

Once inside, you’ll pass by the box office…

Box office

…which even features some old candy stuck to the counter and the various movie tickets.

That’s realistic!

Then it’s time to get to shopping! Inside the store itself, there are TONS of items dedicated to those classic summer movies. But, you won’t just be able to find merchandise from the movies, you’ll also feel like you stepped right into them. Check out the E.T. room!

Let’s go shopping!

And, be sure to look around at all the fun Easter Eggs. You never know what you might spot. There’s Elliot’s Baseball

From E.T.!

…as well as the bunk bed from E.T. that features some E.T. plushes you can buy below.

The bedroom!

We also discovered some Jaws artifacts…

Vote for Vaughn!

…as well as some Back to the Future pieces.

Save the clock tower!

But wait, didn’t we come here to shop? So let’s see what this store has. You can find things like this Jaws Lunchbox for $24. The front is the No Swimming sign from the movie…

No swimming

…while the back features the shark!

Da-dum, da-dum…

Or how about staying hydrated with a Jaws Tumbler for $25?

Jaws tumblers

If it’s Jaws clothing you want, there are PLENTY of shirts available, like an Amity Boat Tours Shirt for $25

Amity Boat Tours

…a You’re Gonna’ Need a Bigger Boat Tank

Need a bigger boat

…a Jaws Button-Up Shirt for $70

LOVE this print!

…and more!

SO much stuff!

Speaking of Jaws, you can also use a machine to create a Great White Shark Model because why not?

Let’s make a shark model

We also found a ton of Back to the Future Merchandise, including t-shirts, tumblers, and more.

A whole Back to the Future section

But wait — there’s also FOOD — all kinds of glorious movie-themed goodies to snack on!

One of each, please!

For example, there’s a Jaws Shark Tooth Chocolate Shot or a Jaws Movie Poster Trifle Cake.


And, you can also get Jumbo E.T. Moon Macarons


…an Earthly Chocolate Cookie Dough Planet, an E.T. Basket Dessert Cake

We want it all!

…an Outta Time Vanilla Malt Ball Cupcake, and a Flux Capacitor Enrobed Brownie.

SO much sweet stuff

Seriously, this store is so much fun! But, what if you can’t get to Orlando to see it? Well, a lot of the merchandise is also now available online! So be sure to check it out in person if you can or peruse the online store if you’re looking for some fun summer movie merchandise.

We’ll keep you updated on ALL Universal Orlando news, so stay tuned for more!

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Have you been to the Universal Orlando Summer Tribute Store yet? Let us know in the comments!

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