AllEars TV: BRAND NEW HOTEL: Disney World Challenge

Morgan and Molly are back for a third rematch — this time at Disney World’s newest resort!

Disney’s Riviera Resort

They’ll be racing through the Riviera Resort to see who will come out on top! Will Molly go 3 for 3? Or will Morgan sneak her way to victory? Find out on this week’s Disney World Ultimate Challenge!

Click Below to See  this Week’s Disney World Ultimate Challenge!

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4 Replies to “AllEars TV: BRAND NEW HOTEL: Disney World Challenge”

  1. Now it’s time for for the 4 hour epic Walt Disney World the Movie starring Molly and Quincy!!!!!

  2. These are such a cute way to showcase the resorts. Always fun to watch Molly and Morgan together. Molly’s curtsey was hilarious! Please keep footage hidden from the Queen! LOL!

  3. They should have a prize for the winner!!!!! What’s the point of winning if you don’t get anything for it!!!!!