You Wanted It; Disney+ Has Now Got It! See the Latest Feature of Disney’s New Streaming Service!

Disney+ dropped just over a week ago, and we are already knee-deep in over 500 films and 7,000 episodes (J/K we’re watching Olaf’s Frozen Adventure for the 200th time), and this morning the AllEars team spotted what appears to be a new feature — and it’s one we’ve wanted from the very beginning.

Disney+ Screenshot

When Disney+ arrived last week, a lot of users wondered why it didn’t include options for resuming or restarting a program or film. By default, the screen just had a Play button. Now it appears Disney+ has addressed this (pretty obvious, in our opinion) oversight. Restart (in some formats) and Resume buttons are now showing for us. We spotted it first on the television using FireStick.

FireStick Resume/Restart Options

On our mobile devices, the option looks like this on a program we’re resuming:

Disney+ Resume Button

But on both our mobile devices and laptops, we aren’t given a Restart button like we are on the television. We suspect this is because rewinding (that’s not a thing — going backward) is typically more efficient on these devices.

For a film we’re starting from the beginning, it reverts to a Play button.

Disney+ Play Button

On the laptop, we also get a Resume button but no Restart button.

Resume Button

Scrolling down, you can still select episodes, too.

Episodes Listing

Look, it’s not ground-breaking technology, but this is a nice tweak to make Disney+ a bit more user-friendly. And we’ll keep watching (pun intended) for more changes as the streaming service really gets put to the test by the masses.

Have you been bitten by the Disney+ bug? Waiting for next week’s holiday weekend to binge-watch? Share with us in the comments below! What do you think of this added feature?

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One Reply to “You Wanted It; Disney+ Has Now Got It! See the Latest Feature of Disney’s New Streaming Service!”

  1. Now if they would just have the feature to keep track of what episodes you have watched in a series and let you automatically start with the first unwatched episode…