New Entrance Area for Hollywood Studios Unveiled

The entrance area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios‘ has been under construction for some time now, as new bus stops were being added, the tram stop relocated, additional bag screening and security areas added — and of course, a brand new Skyliner Station has been taking shape as well. On our visit to the park today we got to see the completion of some of the work.

New Bag Screening and Security Area

The new bag screening and security area is now open. This is to the left of the area that was home to this area before.

However, before we even got to the security area, we saw new signs in the parking lot and wider paths.

New Signs in Parking Lot Near Entrance
Walkways into the Park

The former bus loop is now the parking lot tram drop-off area.

Parking Lot Tram Drop-Off/Pick-Up Area
Parking Lot Tram Drop-Off/Pick-Up Area

The new bag screening and security check area is much larger than the former one.

New Bag Screening and Security Area

The former bag screening and security area is now “under wraps”. We will keep you posted on any changes to this area.

Former Bag Screening and Security Area

The larger bag screening area, new tram location, and wide paths will hopefully help manage park entry for the crowds anticipated for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening on August 29.

What do you think of the new entry, keeping in mind that it is still in-progress? Let us know in the comments.

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7 Replies to “New Entrance Area for Hollywood Studios Unveiled”

  1. When we were at this park last fall, the walk from the busses was hot and exhausting because of the skyway construction. Is the walk any shorter now? If it is still the mile and a half feeling walk, I cannot go back. Hollywood Studios was always the hottest and longest walk to the entrance gate so it now seems just as long or longer. It is a shame to be worn out before getting in. Love your website though and I have been enjoying it for years!!

    1. Hi Margery,
      We where there this past March walk from buses was still long, HOT ,horrible & don’t even ask about when leaving … standing under small umbrellas to wait for a bus in the hot sun …
      We are going back in Dec might skip HS completely depends on the
      crowds. Disney could do better , but then again it’s all about the bottom line $$$$$ not the guest comfort.

  2. Are blue lines on the pavement still for wayfinding to accessable parking? It looked like the tram drop off/pick up had blue lines in that area.

  3. Are blue line on the pavement still for wayfinding to accessable parking. It looked like the trams were running where blue lines were.

  4. Hi! What about the walk from the Boardwalk to Hollywood Studios. Does it still wind all the way around where the bus pick up was last summer? Is it back to the original walk? Thanks:)

    1. This appears to be back close to the original walk. One good thing is you now pass the restroom on the way in.