8 Disney Ride Quotes That May Change Your Perspective On Life Today

Walt Disney had an incredible life on Earth. He created dreams and magic for so many. And when he passed, he left behind an assortment of quotes to inspire that magic in our lives.

Walt Disney with the Tiki Birds

The Imagineers have  also left sprinkles of Walt’s ideas in many of the rides throughout the Disney theme parks. These quotes from rides and shows, past and present, can help us make the world a better place!

I must sadly note that some of these attractions are no longer with us, but their important messages can live on forever.

1. ” You are not the first to pass this way. Nor shall you be the last.” –Maelstrom

So many people have come before us and so many will come after. I think that this is such a great reminder that we should leave the Earth better than we found it. Don’t you want a great home for your grandchildren and for their grandchildren?

2. “A smile means friendship to everyone.”- “it’s a small world”

I’m from the South, so a smile is the usual greeting to all, even to a passing stranger. In many other places, though, I’ve found that this is not the norm. What we have to remember is that something as simple as a smile or even a hello can turn someone’s day around.  Let’s make a note to spend more time spreading friendship and joy.

“it’s a small world”

3. “There is a great and lasting truth about the family of man. A truth which separates us from all the other creatures on Earth. We can dream.” –The Sage of Time, Tapestry of Nations

This one may not entirely count since it was a parade… but come on, you guys! When we’re little, we are filled with dreams and hope for the future. But, so often as we get older, we become set in our ways. We let those dreams slip into the background.  But dreams are what make us human. The ability to dream and the desire to obtain those goals. Don’t let your dreams stay dreams. Work for them, fight for them. Make them your reality… and thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

4. “Like a grand, miraculous spaceship, our planet has sailed through the universe of time. And for a brief moment, we have been among its passengers.” –Spaceship Earth

Much like a lot of the other quotes we have mentioned, this Spaceship Earth quote reminds us that we are just brief passengers on Earth. Make the most of your time.

Spaceship Earth

5. “Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps down new roads armed with nothing but their own vision.” – The American Adventure: The Power of Influence

Isn’t this one so inspiring? WE have built the miraculous world around us. The power of hard work and a bright mind is incredible. Men and women alike have made their incredible visions a reality and you can, too. I mean, if they did it, why can’t you?

6. “Dead men tell no tales.” –Pirates of the Caribbean

I love this quote. It seems rather witty and funny, because of course we all know that a dead man can’t speak. But, I really think that the message of this goes past that. It is a reminder to live life to the fullest and in the now. But to live a life of meaning, because life is fleeting.

7. The entire Horizons theme song.

Here are a few snippets from the Horizons theme song:
“If we can dream it, then we can do it, yes, we can (yes, we can).”
“Have you ever looked beyond today, into the future?”
“The wonder of finding new ways that lead to the promise of brighter days.”
“Have you ever dreamed the dreams of the children? Just imagine the magic their minds can see.”

Sadly, this Epcot attraction is no longer in operation, but its message was a clear one.

8. “There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow.”- Carousel of Progress

This is the perfect quote to turn around a bad day. Tomorrow is full of potential, so fight through the daily struggles and difficulties. The promise of a brighter tomorrow is always there and you can do it!

Scene from Carousel of Progress
What Disney ride quotes inspire you? Let us know in the comments below! 

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5 Replies to “8 Disney Ride Quotes That May Change Your Perspective On Life Today”

  1. My son borrowed that line from the Carousel of Progress for his yearbook Senior Quote. It was quite refreshing to see a young man with such a positive outlook for his future.

    1. Yes, I did notice that… I think the most inspirational quote on most of the newer rides is, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”

      I know, I know, “It’s a theme park, old man, not a museum.”

      Hey you kids, Get off my lawn!