Special Edition Haunted Mansion Eggstravaganza Eggs Are a Must-Have

This year while hunting our way through the 2019 Epcot Eggstravaganza we found a special souvenir that caught our eyes — a specialty three-pack of Haunted Mansion eggs featuring the famous Hitchhiking Ghosts!

Haunted Mansion Eggs

Haunted Mansion has been a hot topic recently. Just the other day, Disney announced the addition of an in-ride photo on the classic Disney attraction, starting April 13. That was followed by a list of one-day opportunities being offered in celebration of the Haunted Mansion becoming the 13th on-ride PhotoPass experience. 

These new Haunted Mansion eggs are available as a separate purchase from the Eggstravaganza scavenger hunt maps… so you don’t have to participate in the hunt to get them! But the hunt is such a fun activity, why wouldn’t you want to do it?

2019 Eggstravaganza Map


The Haunted Mansion threesome can be purchased for $14.99 from Epcot’s Disney Traders or Mouse Gear merchandise locations.

Which Hitchhiking Ghost is your favorite? (We’re partial to Ezra!) Are you going to be searching these new eggs out? Let us know in the comments below! 

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