Disney Debuts “World of Dreams” Fully Customizable Tour for $12,000

Disney World has unveiled a brand new, fully customizable tour for $12,000! You can design a tour that includes attractions, dining, special access, photo ops and more that lasts up to 12 hours for up to six guests.

Cinderella Castle

Because the tour is completely customizable, there is no one description or list of included sights and experiences during the tour, or items that will be in all of the tours.

When the tour is booked you’ll work with Disney to customize your day. The goal of the tour is to make you feel “as if Walt was walking around the park, and what you’d like to see and experience.”

You can include photo sessions, a visit to the Cinderella Suite, special viewing locations for nighttime shows and fireworks, dining, and attractions. Meals and snacks are included with meal options including some of the “most popular restaurants.” Your day can include visits to any (or all) of the Disney World parks, with private transportation between the parks.

Should you want to extend your tour to a second day or more, the cost is $10,000 per day for every day after your first ($12,000) day. Park tickets are required, but not included. If you plan to visit multiple parks in a day, a Park Hopper ticket is required.

Let us know what you think: Would you book this tour? What would you include? Is this a great way to get access to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and its attractions when it is opened? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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38 Replies to “Disney Debuts “World of Dreams” Fully Customizable Tour for $12,000”

  1. So many whiners here who don’t even understand that in reality the tour is only $2000 per person. It is $12,000 total for 6 people to split, not $12,000 a piece. If any of you regular Disney folks can say that you didn’t spend close to $2000 on a Disney vacation for your family that included parks, resort stay, meals, and souvenirs, I’ll call you a liar.

    1. It says for up to 6 people, and this is for ONE DAY on top of the cost for the rest of your vacation. I only go with my wife so since we only have 2 people its still $12,000 which is $6,000 apiece, they are not gonna give us a deal for not having 6 people.

    2. No need for name calling (whiners and liars). I for one have NEVER spent close to $20,000 or even $12,000 for 1 day at Disney. Maybe 5 days with 6 people but never 1. That’s what the package is. 12 hours.

  2. If you are a season pass holder, you wouldn’t want the tickets to be included in this offer. There are a lot of us who buy the annual pass to get the cheapest daily ticket price and it has been worth our money to do this. With that said, I wouldn’t purchase this package. It’s too much at one time for me to spend. I view a complete Disney experience is a long term goal of a lifetime, not just one vacation. Over the course of my life, I have seen all the attractions offered in all the parks as each one opened. It will not be the same experience for younger people. We may as well accept it and do the best we can with the tried and true strategies for making the most of our time. It’s just too big. This will be my grandson’s third trip and he will see a few more new things. Then we’ll leave and go swimming or something. He’s 6. He’ll love it.

  3. I love Disney and am about to leave, tomorrow for another wonderful vacation in the world where dreams come true. Yes I was as everyone else that tickets did not come with this package. That aside, if you all hate Disney so much, stay home so we don’t have to look at your miserable faces while we are there. I for one am going to have a blast. A for ever Disney fan and DVC owner.

  4. My husband and I (no kids) aren’t rich or wealthy but vacations are where we splurge. We take one a year and go big. We’ve done the older VIP tours at WDW and DL and will definitely do this one the next time we go. I would love to read reviews when someone does this because I would like to see the extra things they add to their list.

  5. Dear old Walt is rolling in his grave. We are a family with over 40 disney vacations under our belt, all from Tennessee, so they were not cheap local visits. We enjoyed Disney years ago very much because it was Walt’s dream of bringing your family into this dream world and sharing everything there EQUALLY with all the other guests. Sadly, over the last decade it has turned into a true money grab by Disney with extra charges for viewing areas, etc.. This $12K “tour” is just another example of how far Disney is willing to go to pander to the uber wealthy. Normal ticket prices just go up while hours of operation they provide actually are going down or being diluted by programs like these where someone with more money can pay to basically walk in line in front of you. There was NO First Class vs. Steerage Class admission in Walt’s original version. I totally understand that Disney is a business and it is their business to run it how they see fit. I just know that it does not even slightly resemble the model that Walt used to show on TV every Sunday night before the Wonderful World of Disney came on. NOBODY involved in Disney management is even slightly honoring Walt’s dream anymore. That’s their business to run, but I can’t wait to see them squirm when the next recession hits and many of the DVC members realize how they have been duped by “just another timeshare scam” that is going thru rule changes that only benefit Disney and not the owners, and Disney is forced to be humbled and beg for guests to fill their parks. I still love this place where my kids vacationed while they were growing up, it just breaks my heart that my grandkids will never know the true Disney that existed before Corporate realized people would endlessly pay to visit this place. One thing is certain, everything changes, and Madame Leota’s crystal ball doesn’t show me anything good for Disney’s long range future. Disney better enjoy the good times while they last because those of us who left behind thousands of dollars a year for many many years, are growing tired of the endless money grab and really tired of the value of what we are purchasing.

    1. I agree with you. My family and I are from New Jersey, and I can’t even count how many times I’ve been to Walt Disney World. Growing up, it was always a magical place for me. Like you said, part of the reason why I loved it so much was because everyone was equal. Universal Studios had the option to essentially purchase Fast Passes, but Disney never did, and I always respected that about them. However, the times are changing, and I too am saddened by the current state of affairs at WDW. I am not rich by any means, and a good chunk of my income has been spent in the Disney parks. My son is two-years-old, and we just took his fourth trip to WDW last week. It hurts my heart to know that I will not be able to provide him with the same “magic” that a wealthier person will be able to provide to their children. ?

    2. WELL SAID!!!! We have well over 30 trips under our belt and are APs. We are giving it up when our AP expires in April simply because of all the things you stated. As much as we love Disney it’s time to move on.

  6. I can assure you they cap the party tickets. More than once we’ve had to make other plans because they sold out days in advance.

  7. FACT – Through the expansion of Vacation Club membership and elimination of regular hotel rooms, Disney is taking total control of park attendance and all guest owner services. Eventually all of the perks (fast pass, dining plan, early entry, etc.) will be available only for card carrying Vacation Club “owners” and those willing to pay big bucks for special promotions like the World of Dreams. The goal is to turn WDW into an expensive semi-private resort. This my friends, is the future of WDW. Playground for the rich and famous. So those of you who do not own diamond mines need to hurry up and enjoy the pixie dust while you can still afford it.

  8. About the only way I would do this, would be if we won lotto and all of the Star Wars stuff was open. I would bring along my cousin-in-law, wife, and their rugrat. He is a big Star Wars fan.

    For the others that noticed about park ticket not included. I first thought the same thing, but then realized more than likely anyone purchasing this are not flying in just for one day. They probably have tickets/passes for multiple days.

  9. It is the way they present things. Free parking for guests in parks but they charge you to park at a resort. More money for more expensive hotel. Is there hot top better. Pay extra to park close even if you go when the park opens no close spot unless you pay
    Dining plan for free not. Your room is more money. The more money you have the better you are treated. Pay extra and no lines for you. The way of the world I guess. Just seems to me that they do nothing to make the average working class get a better experience. I have been going to Disney for years and have watched the changes and it seems to me money is what you need to have the magical experience they advertise. Oh well. Just my opinion.

  10. DVC owners will easily spend well over $300,000 during the lifetime of their contracts (and that also does not include park tickets or meals). Having a few World of Dreams vacations seems rather cheap and much more financially sensible by comparison.

      1. There are many owners who have done spread sheets on the total lifetime cost of owning a DVC. When you add the cost of the contract, the annual fees, extra money spent on buying points, and all of the other costs associated with the many, many, many WDW vacations you will be taking (tickets, travel, food, etc.) the total cost of ownership exceeds $300,000 over the lifetime of the contract. A few might end up paying a little less, but most will pay way more. And if anyone tells you otherwise, make them show you their math.

  11. I would just stay all day in the Cinderella Castle Suite, and then pay another $10,000 for the next day so I could stay overnight there. Would that be against the rules? I’m speaking hypothetically, of course. I’m not uber wealthy.

  12. While $12000 is ridiculous to us, the Disney Fans, who will scoff at the idea. The offer isn’t for us unless we hit the lottery. However, there is a certain crowd to whom $12000 is pocket change. I think that Disney is just trying to market very high-end items for those who want and can afford it. Look at the monster suites that Disney and all other hotel brands put into their hotels, the $10000 per night ones. As an example, look at Disney Resorts. They are in three price levels. Where you stay is influenced by what you can afford. If we hadn’t joined DVC, there is no way we would stay at Bay Lake Tower and pay $500-1200 per night; we’d probably be off property in a room that cost $100 per night. Charging for the tickets on top of the $12000 made me laugh, it just shows Disney will “nickel & dime” everyone; it is the great equalizer.

    1. Jeff, I have to disagree that there is anything “equal” with Disney these days. One of the things I appreciated about how Disney used to run itself was that basically everyone who purchased a ticket and entered the park was on an equal playing field. We all stood in line and waited our turns. Now there is special seating and viewing areas “for sale” and this “tour” will now sell you “walk in front of me in line rights” from the way I read it. Guest ticket costs continue to rise much greater than any other inflation rate yet we actually receive less return on those tickets due to programs like this. This totally contradicts Walt’s original ideals for his parks. Of course they’re not his parks anymore. Even as a very conservative leaning person, this is corporate greed at it’s worst.

    2. I think the super-rich get their trips comped for the publicity. So, who is going to spend the money? I doubt that Princess Diana or Michael Jackson paid a penny for their visits.

  13. This is insane. And if they’re going to charge Twelve. Thousand. Dollars. for ONE DAY, it’s downright criminal that park hopper tickets are not included.

    Who is the target audience for this?!

    (Though in a hypothetical fantasy, imagine just jumping from Tier 1 ride to Tier 1 ride park to park all day without waiting in line. That would be amazing. …Are we sure this isn’t a marketing stunt? They’re seriously doing this?)

    1. Their target audience is people that want to buy an unbelievably awesome WDW experience and don’t mind paying big bucks for it. It’s called capitalism and it’s great?

      And everyone of you WDW addicts would jump all over it if you were filthy rich too. And dirt poor people also think you are insane for spending what you do on a WDW vacation. But that doesn’t stop you.

    1. Exactly why is it crass and stupid? And while you wouldn’t spend my money (and I do thank you), anyone visiting WDW while on any government assistance, is spending my money?

      1. What’s crass is saying park tickets and park hopper aren’t included, making those separate just screams greed. What would be the point of spending $12K or significantly without park tickets and park hopper

        1. WDW has always held the policy of not including park tickets with their special promotions. It makes good business and accounting sense to separate the two. Even their multi-million dollar homes in Golden Oaks do not come with tickets. And DVC members pay hundreds of thousands of dollars and don’t get free any tickets.

  14. I think it is insane. What they are doing is making Disney a place for the rich. So if you want to do any of the new things you should pay $12,000 plus your admission ticket. Are you kidding me. I try so hard not to read this stuff so I don’t end up hating Disney. It used to be a fun place for a family vacation.

      1. Between this tour and Club 33 is a start, putting the complimentary transportation bus terminals far away to try and force you to spend money on Minnie Vans etc. is another. Selling alcohol all over the place is yet another, not capping the Halloween or MYMCP tickets to sell more is another. I also have no doubt they’ll start charging for fastpasses because why not?

        1. I get the transportation, alcohol, and overcrowded stuff. And I certainly get the hate for everything fast pass. But still, for the life of me, I cannot understand how letting a few Kardashian’s enjoy a World Of Dreams vacation effects your WDW experience in any way.

          1. Their money allows them to pay to walk in front of me in line is how it affects my vacation. And there is no limit to how many times they can do that so it is very possible that while I am standing in a 120 min. wait for a popular ride, I will see them walk thru multiple times to ride the ride I’m still waiting on.

          2. And yet that is what makes the experience awesome and magical; skipping the lines while there is 120 minutes wait! Can’t wait for my next trip as I have already booked two days of this magical experience. Happy to relay feedback when we get back 🙂