Will I Like Galaxy’s Edge Even If I Don’t Like Star Wars?

It’s coming, sooner than we could have imagined! Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, 14 acres themed to the iconic Star Wars film series, is coming to a Disney theme park near you (if you’re near Disneyland or Walt Disney World Resort, that is).

The Galaxy’s Edge Gateway while the land is under construction. What lies beyond that corridor?

But we’ve heard some feedback that not everyone is as overjoyed as we are, especially if Star Wars isn’t their cup of tea.

While we expect the attractions and the Galaxy’s Edge land itself to be very heavily themed, that shouldn’t mean that you have to be a Star Wars buff to enjoy them. Here’s why.


In 2017, when Disney’s Animal Kingdom took us on a voyage to Pandora – The World of Avatar, many were skeptical, saying that the original Avatar film was not worthy of a Disney land. But the extremely immersive atmosphere along with the thrilling Flight of Passage, combined to win over most critics. We’re thinking that Galaxy’s Edge will similarly earn praise from non-Star Wars fans.

Much like the Star Wars attraction Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, the new attractions Rise of the Resistance and Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run promise incredible experiences.

Galaxy’s Edge Construction

Just the tech powering these experiences alone may give technology-enthusiastic fans a reason to visit. Even if you haven’t followed Luke Skywalker’s exploits since A New Hope, the amount of engineering/Imagineering going into these new rides will impress you. Also, as a Disney fan, you already know about Imagineering’s attention to detail — there is bound to be a lot for you to explore and appreciate in a whole new land.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is set in the Black Spire Outpost on the planet Batuu. This area was selected as the destination for the land so that both casual and devoted fans will feel comfortable. Casual fans won’t feel they are missing a part of the story because it was never a major plot point in the movies, yet devoted fans will appreciate the detail of the location they have heard of in passing.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction ©Disney

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run is set to be one of the most exceptional simulation-style rides ever. The flight experience will be different for each visit, so no memorizing the ride or planning out what you’ll do, as each experience will be different.

Scene from Rise of the Resistance, an interactive Star Wars ride coming to Galaxy’s Edge in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

The other new attraction in the land, Rise of the Resistance, will also offer a unique experience.

AT-AT Walkers from Rise of the Resistance

While most rides simply have you sit stationary in a vehicle that may or may not be moving, Rise of the Resistance will be a great deal more interactive. We’ll see passengers actually transferring between vehicles.

AT-AT Walkers from Rise of the Resistance

Will the rides be heavy on Storm Troopers and Sith Lords? Most likely. That doesn’t mean that you have to fall in love with Lucas-inspired products to enjoy them. If you’re into thrill rides, theme park ride technology, or just a big fan of new attractions, you should find plenty to enjoy in Galaxy’s Edge.


There are plenty of opportunities for unique food and beverage in Galaxy’s Edge, and again we point to Pandora as an example of how to appeal to non-fans.

Satu’li Canteen Make-Your-Own-Bowl Selections

No one expected this corner of Animal Kingdom to become a foodie favorite, but it did! Satu’li Canteen’s make-your-own-bowl style food and wild blue cheesecake dessert (which some have lovingly compared to Avatar-alien markings), and Pongu Pongu‘s incredibly cool drinks and the delectable pongu lumpia sweet treat, have turned Pandora into a haven for those looking for something different.

Oga’s Cantina Concept Art ©Disney

This leads us to believe that the same kind of thing will happen with the dining options in Galaxy’s Edge. What we know so far is that there will be an unusual spot known as Oga’s Cantina. The Cantina will serve up beverages for both adults and children using “otherwordly” methods, poured into unusual drinking vessels. It will be populated with interesting Star Wars-type characters, and some sources have indicated that your performance on the Smugglers Run attraction will be somehow integrated into your visit to the cantina.

In addition, Disney fans will encounter RX-24, more commonly known as Rex, the comical StarSpeeder 3000 droid who originally piloted Star Tours. Rex now will provide musical entertainment at the cantina as a very talkative DJ. Even if you never liked Rex (but who didn’t?), you’re sure to enjoy a new place  in the park to have a cool drink, and it sounds like the interactive elements will be highly entertaining. As an added bonus for Disneyland guests, the cantina will represent a first — the first spot in the park to serve alcoholic beverages.


Shoppers: We anticipate that Galaxy’s Edge will also be home to a variety of unique shopping venues and merchandise. The only shopping news released so far says that guests will be able to explore a street market run by a Toydarian, a character first introduced in “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.” Among his wares will be handcrafted toys made by local artisans.

Toydarian Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge wares

So… for those who want to embrace all things Star Wars, Galaxy’s Edge is sure to be a treat! But for those who don’t know, and don’t care to know, a Wookiee from a Tauntaun, or Yoda from Han Solo, we think that you’ll still find something to like in the new Galaxy’s Edge when it opens this summer in Disneyland and this fall in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

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Debra Martin Koma wrote about food, travel and lifestyle issues for a number of local and national publications before she fell in love with Walt Disney World on her first visit — when she was 34! She's returned to her Laughing Place more times than she can count in the ensuing years, and enthusiastically shares her passion with readers of AllEars.Net and AllEars®. Deb also co-authored (along with Deb Wills) PassPorter's Open Mouse for Walt Disney World and the Disney Cruise Line, a travel guide designed for all travelers to Walt Disney World who may require special attention, from special diets to mobility issues.

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7 Replies to “Will I Like Galaxy’s Edge Even If I Don’t Like Star Wars?”

  1. Don’t like Star Wars and do not plan to waste any time here. Why should I deal with crowds and lines for something I don’t like? Life is too short for that.

    1. Opps. I mean massive crowds. Spell check had its mind in the gutter tonight.

      Actually, I might just like a massage crowd. Sounds intriguing to say the least.

  2. I tell my kids if they don’t like everything I like, or don’t think and act exactly as I do, then it’s back to the orphanage for them. Guess what. We did Carosel of Progress 3 times. Great kids! Just like their dad.

  3. While I get the nostalgia for the “original” Disneyland / WDW, the first park opened in 1955. My grandkids have no concept of the impact of The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday night had on my generation. It was our gateway into Walt’s world. It’s amazing to me that as much of the original park still exists, no way I was getting them on Carousel of Progress – even though I went twice! For better or worse, Star Wars is Disney now and there’s no way they’re not making it part of the Parks. Honestly, at 5 & 7 years old once we got through the coasters and thrill rides they’d rather be at the pool in Pop Century instead of the attractions I grew up with. In the end they had fun, and I had to stop filtering their fun against my experience from the 70’s and 80’s.