News: Disney World Annual Passes See Immediate Price Increase

Walt Disney World’s Date-Based Pricing System went to effect today, but that’s not the only ticket-related news. In addition, we spotted an increase in the price of Annual Passes.

Increases were seen on prices of Annual Passes for Non-Florida Residents, Florida Residents, and Disney Vacation Club members.

We’ve got all the information here for you.

Disney World General Public Annual Pass Price Increase (Non-Florida Residents)

  • Platinum Plus Annual Pass from $949 to $994
  • Platinum Annual Pass from $849 to $894

Disney World Florida Resident Annual Pass Price Increase

  • FL Resident Platinum Plus Annual Pass from $829.00 to $849.00
  • FL Resident Platinum Annual Pass from $729.00 to $749.00
  • FL Resident Gold Annual Pass from $589.00 to  $609.00
  • FL Resident Silver Annual Pass from $439.00 to $479.00
  • FL Resident Weekday Select Seasonal Annual Pass from $289.00 to  $319.00
  • FL Resident Theme Park Select Annual Pass remains at $439.00 (no increase)

Disney World Disney Vacation Club Member Annual Pass Price Increase

  • DVC Member Platinum Plus Annual Pass from $829.00 to $849.00
  • DVC Member Platinum Annual Pass from $729.00 to $749.00
  • DVC Member Gold Annual Pass from $589.00 to  $609.00

Renewal prices for Disney Vacation Club Members

  • DVC Member Gold Pass Renewal: $517
  • DVC Member Platinum Pass Renewal: $636
  • DVC Member Platinum Plus Renewal: $721

The “perks” for all variations of Annual Passes appear to remain unchanged and include:

  • Includes Disney PhotoPass downloads
  • Up to 20% off on select dining
  • Up to 20% off select merchandise in store or online at Shop Disney Parks
  • Standard theme park parking

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10 Replies to “News: Disney World Annual Passes See Immediate Price Increase”

  1. Truth be told, I wish they would raise the prices to the point that it reduced attendance by about 50%. I would rather pay double the amount and actually be able to enjoy Disney World without being crushed to death by crowds. Even at a greater cost, it would be more cost effective to actually be able to ride all the rides, when I wanted to ride them and eat where I wanted to eat, when I wanted to eat during a vacation. So keep raising those prices Disney.

    1. I have to agree. Many of the younger visitors seem to fail to understand what Disney is about and their behaviour can be, at times, appalling. Disney vacations is not a right and there are too many entitled guests these days,which leads to the bad behaviour. Carry on raising the prices Disney, it’s still great value as I didn’t get to visit any Disney Park until adulthood after dreaming about it all my life and I appreciate how lucky I am to be there even on my 20th visit.

    2. Maybe it’s easier for you to come up with the extra money but those of us who are on a fixed income, find it harder. We try to make the best of our time at the parks by avoiding popular times. I agree it is getting busier but people who want to come, will find the extra money.

      1. Joan, I understand exactly what your saying. Sad, but there just aren’t any non-crowed times anymore. It’s a choice of crowded, very crowded, and insane. And I know it’s hard for anyone not having been spoiled by Disney World in the 80’s and early 90’s to believe it when we say that we literally had the parks to ourselves many, many times. For years, during first couple weeks in September, there literally were no lines to any rides. We could get on one of the mountains, for example, and ride several times without leaving our seat. I have a picture of my family standing on Main Street looking down towards the castle and there is not another person in the picture. So, it is kind of unfair for us old timers to complain. But anyone who has ever experienced Disney that way, would gladly pay more for half the crowds. It’s is a truly amazing experience.

        In fact, we need an “old timers” forum where us grumpy’s can relive our Disney glory days without ruining it for all the new Disney Fans.

    3. Raise prices? Seriously, so only the super rich can go? No thanks. You can deal with crowds by taking advantage of the 3 fast passes or doing magic hours. And if you have money to burn, just buy a private tour and get back-doored on the rides and leave us poor people alone!

        1. I consider poor-people who are on a fixed income, or living paycheck to paycheck, minimum wage workers, and or in credit card debt. So when you talk about raising prices 50% more to cut down on crowds you shut out the lower income people from going at all. Plus Disney needs crowds to sell merchandise, food, and keep the people working there in their jobs. Having the parks empty is bad business for them. But if you really want an empty park, you could rent it out like the Kardashians do. LOL