The Lion Sleeps at Kidani Village

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

During a visit to Saratoga Springs to learn about DVC, Disney Vacation Club, I was shown model rooms for Kidani Village before it opened. Alas, I did not buy in due to a lack of cash flow. Nonetheless, I was rather impressed with what I saw. Perhaps someday when my prince shows up.


Kidani Village, the Disney Vacation Club portion of Animal Kingdom Lodge features very detailed and dark rich colors.

Disney Pic of the Week – Resort Rooms

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One Reply to “The Lion Sleeps at Kidani Village”

  1. Thanks for the great photo of Animal Kingdom Lodge, my favorite resort on Disney property. My husband and I also did the DVC tour at Saratoga Springs and we also could not afford to buy in, so I feel your pain. If we are one day lucky enough to afford it we will most definitely buy into AKL. I really enjoy the Picture This! blog even though I am not a photographer myself.

    Lisa responds: Thanks for reading the blogs. You don’t have to be a photographer. We aim our blogs at people who want to improve their skills even if just a little bit.