American Idol Lee Dewyze – “I”m Going To Disney World” Parade

Shortly after Lee DeWyze won the American Idol he said those very famous words “I’m Going To Disney World”. Well Monday, May 31st, he did just that.

Promptly at 10 AM Lee, accompanied by none other than Mickey Mouse, had a grand motorcade down Hollywood Boulevard in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The street was lined with thousands of his fans, most with cameras, trying to get a picture and to cheer on their 2010 American Idol.

The motorcade stopped in front of the American Idol Experience where Lee got to greet some of his fans before getting up on the stage where he was interviewed by one of the American Idol Experience hosts.

My wife and I arrived at Hollywood Studios around 8:30 AM. At the “Media Check In” location we received wrist bands and were then escorted to the location set up for the media. As you’ll see from the picture that was directly across from the stage that had been set up in front of the American Idol Experience.

Here’s some pictures and two short videos of the days events:

AI Stage

Here’s a look at the special stage before the event started.

Media Platform

This was my vantage point to view the events of the day.

Crowd begins to form

Some guests were allowed to fill the area in front of the stage and to the right of the stage.

Crowd lining street

The crowd lining the parade route began to form very early.

Cristine van Blokland

Christine Van Blockland (a former local Fox personality) does a promo about the day for Disney.

Greg Hudson

Greg Hudson, one of the American Idol Experience hosts, was the MC for the event.


Here’s a glimpse of the parade as it came down Hollywood Boulevard.

Crowd taking pictures

As you can see, there were a few cameras; and lots of pictures being taken.

Lee and Mickey

Lee and Mickey waving to the crowd.

Parade banner

Two young ladies carrying the banner announcing Lee DeWyze; and more of the crowd taking pictures.

Lee and Mickey

Lee and Mickey as they get in front of my location.

Lee greeting fans

When Lee got out of the car he went and greeted a few of his fans that were standing in front.

Lee hugging fan

One very lucky young lady got a big hug from Lee.

Fans waiting

Fans waiting to rush to the front of the stage.

Lee being interviewed

Lee on stage being interviewed by Greg Hudson.

Close up of Lee

Here’s a close-up of Lee while he was on stage.

Another close-up

Another close-up of Lee

Big crowd

As you can see, there were lots of Lee DeWyze and American Idol fans there today.

Following are two short videos of Lee being interviewed:

When the interview was over Lee left the stage and went into the American Idol Experience. He did come on stage during the first (11 AM) show and offered words of encouragement to the three contestants. He appeared again as the winner was about to be announced and stayed to the end of the show. He did not sing either during the outside event or in the American Idol Experience. Except for signing a couple posters he didn’t stick around for autographs.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the blog, photos and videos and that they let you enjoy the day as I did.

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Well, that’s all for now. As my good friend says “see ya real soon”…DizneyMike

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One Reply to “American Idol Lee Dewyze – “I”m Going To Disney World” Parade”

  1. Thanks for the report Mike. I was debating whether or not to go. I wonder if he had enough pictures taken. Gosh! 🙂

    DizneyMike replies: Cedric, those cameras were overworked that day. -:) Thanks…Mike