Day 8 – At Sea Disney Magic Panama Canal Cruise –

May 17, 2008
Port of Call: At Sea

The Disney Magic was very slow to waken this morning. Everyone spent the Panama Canal day visiting all parts of the ship, taking photos, enjoying every moment, not wanting to miss a thing — that we were all quite tired.

The sea was like shimmering glass .. so beautiful and tranquil.

Somewhere in the Pacific

Before getting too far along, I want to send a big HELLO to my friends in the Parklawn Building: Mike, Harry, Don, Denise, Bob, and everyone else!!!!! They listened to my tales of anticipation for weeks prior to the cruise. Plus, they are at work today, and well, I”m on a ship in the Pacific 🙂

I also want to send a big hello to the AllEars team who continue to work hard while I”m on an extensive research trip. Thank you all for minding the home front.

Ok, now onto our Sea Day.

Our 2 main activities for today would be a talk by Ducky WIlliams and dinner at Palo. We had hoped that Prince Caspian would be shown, but it was not. It was shown on Panama Canal day, but we certainly didn’t want to be in a theatre on such a historic day.

Before arriving at the Walt Disney Theatre, I ran into Sharon and Sandy.

Sandy and Sharon

Don Ducky Williams is the premiere Disney Character artist. His talks include an inspiring story of never giving up on your dream! He also draws characters throughout the presentation and then numbered tickets are drawn for lucky winners.

This one is for all Goofy fans and especially Masayo!!!

Ducky Williams drawing Goofy

Ducky Williams

This one is for all you Jiminy Cricket fans, especially Debbie Koma!

Ducky Williams drawing Jiminy Cricket

This one is for all Belle fans, especially Mike Scopa!

Ducky Williams drawing Belle

And this one for all Eeyore fans, especially Ames.

Ducky Williams drawing Eeyore

I can’t recall what I did the rest of the day, but I’m sure it involved eating, sleeping, reading Barbara Walter’s new book and general frivolity!

Prior to our dinner at Palo, I realized we could go on Deck 10 and see the sunset. It was full of beautiful colors.

Sunset at Sea

Sunset at Sea

Soon it was time for our dinner at Palo. This is the premiere adult only restaurant on both the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder. The best servers and chefs work here.

We all “cleaned up nice” and were excited for our evening dining experience.

Linda and Deb

Linda and Deb at Palo

Gary and Karen

Gary and Karen at Palo

Chris and Beci

Chris and Beci at Palo

Ann and George
Ann and George at Palo

Sharon and Sandy
Sharon and Sandy at Palo

I had heard several times already about Cecilia, one of the Palo servers. Everyone spoke about how awesome she was. Lucky for us, Cecilia was our server!

Cecilia Palo

Cecilia at Palo

Another incredible day has come to an end…..

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Deb and Linda

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