Wandering the World

Masayo Kano, our friend from Japan, has made a few trips to Walt Disney World recently.
Here's wandering around the world, through a foreign visitor's eyes.

Masayo and Magical Express

Our first time with Disney's Magical Express was not so magical (that's me on the far right at the end of the line)…

Cloth Animal with Bear

… but when we got to our resort, our little Ponnichi-kun Bear, who always travels with us, liked this washcloth elephant.


… And when we get to the Magic Kingdom, the Castle looks so beautiful

View from TTA

This is the view while we're on Tomorrowland Transit Authority, which is our favorite!

Crystal Palace with Masayo

We start our day with this fun, yummy breakfast at Crystal Palace Restaurant

Mamoru and Eeyore

My husband and Eeyore


The Castle


Cinderella and Cinderellabration were wonderful!

Castle during Wishes

Wishes at Magic Kingdom

Castle During Wishes

This looks like Mickey Mouse, don't you think?

Boma Japanese Breakfast

At Left: The Japanese Breakfast they serve at Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge — a bowl of steamed rice, miso soup, grilled salmon (in Japan it has to be salted salmon, but still it was real great salmon we thought), pickled (salted) vegetables, pickled Japanese apricot, eggplant (the blue-purple one), and pickled Japanese white radish, flavored seaweed, green tea tea bag (the server later brought a pot of hot water). I think it's a great benefit to have this with the buffet at Boma, and we liked it a lot.

Kilimanjaro Giraffes

Great Ride on Kilimanjaro Safari

Diver at Coral Reef

Diver while we ate at Coral Reef


Goofy, my favorite character,
with our Ponnichi-kun at
Epcot Character Connection

HCOE Dessert

The Happiest Celebration on Earth Dessert at Flying Fish Cafe, my first time at this restaurant! It was soooo good, hands down!

Fantasmic Snow White

Our last thing this trip was Fantasmic!

Mara dinner

Our last meal, at Mara at Animal Kingdom Lodge
— but we'll be back in October!