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Monday, November 12th 2018 changes to Top of The World Lounge Snacks Menu

Bay Lake Sunsetcostchanged from 11.00to 12.25
Apple Pie Martinicostchanged from 11.00to 11.25
Boulevardiercostchanged from 11.00to 11.25
Seasonal Discovery Island Fizzcostchanged from 11.00to 11.25
Monorail Yellowcostchanged from 11.00to 9.50
Seven Seas Lagoon Shared Cocktailcostchanged from 22.00to 24.00
All-Natural Lemonadecostchanged from 4.49to 5.50
Wild Strawberry Lemonadecostchanged from 4.49to 5.50
Top of the World Punchcostchanged from 4.79to 6.00
Little Monorailcostchanged from 4.49to 4.50
Sparkling Winescostchanged from 55to 69
White Winescostchanged from 53to 79
Red Winescostchanged from 65to 89
Beercostchanged from 5.50-$10.50to 7.75-$9.00