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Monday, December 10th 2018 changes to Il Mulino New York Trattoria Dinner Menu

Arancini di Carnenamechanged from Arancinito Arancini di Carne
Arancini di Carnedescriptionchanged from Italian Rice Balls over spicy marinara sauceto Italian Rice Balls stuffed with house made bolognese over spicy marinara sauce
Arancini di Carnecostchanged from 9to 10
Prosciutto & Melone costchanged from 11to 12
Parmigiano Reggiano for Two costchanged from 10to 11
Polpette Al Forno costchanged from 12to 13
Insaccati Misti for Twocostchanged from 24to 25
Gamberi al Mulinocostchanged from 14to 15
Calamari Fritticostchanged from 15to 16
Gamberi Con Fagiolicostchanged from 13to 14
Cozze o Vongolecostchanged from 14to 15
Insalata Trattoria costchanged from 13to 14
Insalata Caesarcostchanged from 11to 12
Insalata Caprese costchanged from 13to 15
Carpaccio Di Carnecostchanged from 14to 15
Minestronecostchanged from 8to 9
Tortellini in Brodocostchanged from 8to 9
Margherita Pizza costchanged from 16to 17
Rustica Pizza costchanged from 17to 18
Bosco Pizza costchanged from 18to 19
Risotto Con Funghicostchanged from 27to 28
Risotto Ai Frutti Di Marecostchanged from 32to 34
Pappardelle costchanged from 21to 22
Tortellini Alla Pannacostchanged from 23to 24
Gnocchi Bolognesecostchanged from 25to 26
Rigatoni Con Funghicostchanged from 25to 26
Linguine Alle Vongolecostchanged from 26to 27
Penne Rigatecostchanged from 21to 22
Spaghetti Ai Frutti Di Mare costchanged from 32to 33
Removed Tre Formaggi Pizzafrom Menu Items
Added Biancato Menu Items
Added Spaghetti Carbonarato Menu Items
Added Pizzato BiancaMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Spaghetti CarbonaraMenu Categories

Saturday, October 27th 2018 changes to Il Mulino New York Trattoria Dinner Menu

Insalata Caprese costchanged from 14to 13
Removed Spaghetti Carbonarafrom Menu Items
Added Stinging Nettle Spaghettito Menu Items
Added Entreesto Stinging Nettle SpaghettiMenu Categorys