Recent Price Changes to Dolphin Resort In-Room Dining

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Monday, November 12th 2018 changes to Swan In-Room Dining Dolphin Resort In-Room Dining All Day Menu

Amstel Lightcostchanged from 6.75to 7.00
Corona/Corona Lightcostchanged from 6.75to 7.00
Local Brewscostchanged from 6.75to 7.00
Miller Litecostchanged from 6.00to 6.50
Budweiser/Bud Lightcostchanged from 6.00to 6.50
Coors/Coors Lightcostchanged from 6.00to 6.50
Michelobcostchanged from 6.00to 6.50
Blue Mooncostchanged from 6.00to 6.75
Sam Adams Boston Lagercostchanged from 6.00to 6.75
St. Pauli Girlcostchanged from 6.00to 6.75
Heineken /Heineken Lightcostchanged from 6.75to 7.00
Beck's Darkcostchanged from 6.75to 7.00
Small Farm Turkey Baconcostchanged from 5.00to 6.00
Cheeseburgercostchanged from 9.00to 8.00