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Tuesday, November 20th 2018 changes to Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill Take-Out Menu

Added to Wolfgang Puck Bar & GrillMenus
Added Ice Creamto Cuisines
Added Take-Outto Meals
Added Gelatoto Menu Items
Added Bottled Waterto Menu Items
Added Sodato Menu Items
Added Ice Teato Menu Items
Added Cold Brew Coffeeto Menu Items
Added WP Coffeeto Menu Items
Added WP Espressoto Menu Items
Added Cappuccinoto Menu Items
Added Cafe Latteto Menu Items
Added Extra Shot Espressoto Menu Items
Added Hot Chocolateto Menu Items
Added Bud Lightto Menu Items
Added Pabst Blue Ribbonto Menu Items
Added 3 Daughters Red Aleto Menu Items
Added Founders "All Day IPA"to Menu Items
Added House Made Limoncelloto Menu Items
Added Sgroppinoto Menu Items
Added Mortimer's Margaritato Menu Items
Added Monchitoto Menu Items
Added Take Out or Walk-up Windowto Service Types
Added $to Price Ranges
Added Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grillto Topics
Added Ice Creamto GelatoMenu Categorys
Added Beveragesto Bottled WaterMenu Categorys
Added Beveragesto SodaMenu Categorys
Added Beveragesto Ice TeaMenu Categorys
Added Beveragesto Cold Brew CoffeeMenu Categorys
Added Beveragesto WP CoffeeMenu Categorys
Added Coffeesto WP EspressoMenu Categorys
Added Beveragesto CappuccinoMenu Categorys
Added Coffeesto Cafe LatteMenu Categorys
Added Coffeesto Extra Shot EspressoMenu Categorys
Added Beveragesto Hot ChocolateMenu Categorys
Added Beerto Bud LightMenu Categorys
Added Beerto Pabst Blue RibbonMenu Categorys
Added Beerto 3 Daughters Red AleMenu Categorys
Added Beerto Founders "All Day IPA"Menu Categorys
Added Specialty Cocktailsto House Made LimoncelloMenu Categorys
Added Specialty Cocktailsto SgroppinoMenu Categorys
Added Specialty Cocktailsto Mortimer's MargaritaMenu Categorys
Added Specialty Cocktailsto MonchitoMenu Categorys