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Tutto Italia Ristorante Dining Location

Tutto Italia Ristorante Children's Lunch/Dinner MenuView MenuRecent Changes
Tutto Italia Ristorante Lunch MenuView MenuRecent Changes
Tutto Italia Ristorante Dinner MenuView MenuRecent Changes

Tuesday, February 5th 2019 changes to Tutto Italia Ristorante Dinner Menu

Antipasto Misto namechanged from Grande Antipasto Misto to Antipasto Misto
Insalata di Marenamechanged from Insalata di Mare Trapaneseto Insalata di Mare
Panna Cottanamechanged from Panna Cotta Delle Langheto Panna Cotta
Panna Cottadescriptionchanged from vanilla and chocolate panna cotta with fresh strawberry compote and crumbled almond-hazelnut meringue cookies; gluten freeto strawberry compote, biscotto all'arancia
Gamberinamechanged from Gamberi Shrimpto Gamberi
Gamberidescriptionchanged from scampi, fresh linguine, herb butter sauceto shrimp scampi, fresh linguine, herb butter sauce
Gambericostchanged from 35.00to 30.00
Maccheroni namechanged from Maccheroni Casarecceto Maccheroni
Maccheroni descriptionchanged from pasta, lamb ragù, scamorza cheeseto casarecce pasta, lamb ragù, scamorza cheese
Removed Agnellofrom Menu Items
Removed Garetto de Maialefrom Menu Items
Removed Ravioli di Ricottafrom Menu Items
Removed Zuppa Cinque Terrefrom Menu Items
Removed Pollofrom Menu Items
Removed Pesce e Carnefrom Menu Items

Monday, February 4th 2019 changes to Tutto Italia Ristorante Dinner Menu

Calamari Frittidescriptionchanged from with spicy marinara sauceto served with marinara piccante
Spaghetticostchanged from 25to 22
Tagliatelle Campagnoledescriptionchanged from Arugula and basil pesto, spinach and burrata cheeseto Arugula and basil pesto, spinach and burrata
Bisteccadescriptionchanged from 12 oz grilled rib-eye, caramelized shallots, crispy Rosemary Potatoes, red wine butterto 12 oz grilled NY strip steak, crispy rosemary potatoes, cipollini onions, herb butter
Bisteccacostchanged from 35to 36
Fresh Brewed Iced Teacostchanged from 3to 4.25
Sodacostchanged from 3to 4.25
Peroni Draftnamechanged from Moretti Draftto Peroni Draft
Moretti La Rossa Draftnamechanged from La Rossa Draftto Moretti La Rossa Draft
Involtini di Melanzane alla Parmigianadescriptionchanged from eggplant, ricotta, mushrooms, parmesan, tomato sauceto eggplant, ricotta, mushrooms, pomodoro sauce
Seasonal Craft Beer Draftnamechanged from Florida Craft Beer Draftto Seasonal Craft Beer Draft
Insalata Mistadescriptionchanged from endive, arugula, radicchio, asparagus, radish, vinaigretteto endive, arugula, radicchio, white asparagus, radish, balsamic vinaigrette
Zuppa di Pescedescriptionchanged from Shrimp, squid, clams, mussels, filet of fish, roasted tomatoes, fregola sardato Seafood stew, fish filet, shrimp, clams, mussels, calamari, pasta
Osso Bucconamechanged from Osso Bucoto Osso Bucco
Osso Buccodescriptionchanged from Braised veal shank, roman fettuccine, parmesan crispsto Braised veal shank, risotto milanese, parmesan crisp
Osso Buccocostchanged from 35.00to 36.00
Risotto con Gamberinamechanged from Risotto Crema di Mais e Gamberi al Limoneto Risotto con Gamberi
Risotto con Gamberidescriptionchanged from Arborio rice, sweet corn, lemon shrimpto Arborio rice, lemony shrimp, lobster butter
Risotto con Gambericostchanged from 31.00to 33.00
Removed Minestrone di Verdurefrom Menu Items
Removed Ravioli Capresefrom Menu Items
Removed Lasagna alla Bolognesefrom Menu Items
Removed Pesce Spadafrom Menu Items
Added Pasta e Fagiolito Menu Items
Added Pesce e Carneto Menu Items
Added Gamberi Shrimpto Menu Items
Added Pollo Chickento Menu Items
Added Tortellini Panna e Prosciuttoto Menu Items
Added Lobster Raviolito Menu Items
Added Maccheroni Casarecceto Menu Items
Added Lasagneto Menu Items
Added Soup/Saladto Pasta e Fagioli Menu Categories
Added Entreesto Pesce e CarneMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Gamberi ShrimpMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Pollo Chicken Menu Categories
Added Entreesto Tortellini Panna e Prosciutto Menu Categories
Added Entreesto Lobster Ravioli Menu Categories
Added Entreesto Maccheroni CasarecceMenu Categories
Added Entreesto LasagneMenu Categories

Monday, October 29th 2018 changes to Tutto Italia Ristorante Dinner Menu

Removed Seasonal Fruit Cocktailfrom Menu Items
Removed Strawberry Saladfrom Menu Items

Monday, October 29th 2018 changes to Tutto Italia Ristorante Dinner Menu

Ravioli di Ricottadescriptionchanged from Chicken, Prosciutto, Parmesan creamto Lemon Ricotta cheesecake, marinated strawberries
Ravioli di Ricottacostchanged from 28to 12
Mocha Tiramisucostchanged from 11to 12
Moretti Draftcostchanged from 11to 12
Minestrone di Verdurecostchanged from 9to 6.00
Garetto de Maialecostchanged from 31to 30.00
Removed Pollo alla Parmigiana con Spaghetti alla Chitarrafrom Menu Items
Removed Sogliolafrom Menu Items
Removed Risotto di marefrom Menu Items
Removed Tortiglionifrom Menu Items
Removed Panettone e Salsa Zabaglionefrom Menu Items
Added Pesce Spadato Menu Items
Added Zuppa di Pesceto Menu Items
Added Osso Bucoto Menu Items
Added Risotto Crema di Mais e Gamberi al Limoneto Menu Items
Added Seasonal Fruit Cocktailto Menu Items
Added Strawberry Saladto Menu Items
Removed Entreesfrom Ravioli di RicottaMenu Categorys
Added Dessertsto Ravioli di RicottaMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto Pesce SpadaMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto Zuppa di PesceMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto Osso BucoMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto Risotto Crema di Mais e Gamberi al LimoneMenu Categorys
Added Appetizers/Startersto Seasonal Fruit CocktailMenu Categorys
Added Soup/Saladto Strawberry SaladMenu Categorys