Recent Menu Changes to Electric Umbrella Lunch/Dinner Menu

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Tuesday, October 30th 2018 changes to Electric Umbrella Lunch/Dinner Menu

Macaroni and Cheesecostchanged from 6.49to 6.69
Heinekencostchanged from 8.00to 8.50
Bud Lightcostchanged from 7.25to 7.75
Blue-Raspberry Slushycostchanged from 4.29to 4.99
Strawberry Margaritacostchanged from 10.50to 11.50
Pina Coladacostchanged from 9.50to 10.50
Strawberry Slushycostchanged from 4.29to 4.99
Pineapple-Coconut Slushycostchanged from 4.29to 4.99
Red Velvet Cakecostchanged from 4.29to 4.49
Mojo Pulled Pork Burgercostchanged from 12.99to 13.49
Angus Bacon Cheeseburgercostchanged from 11.49to 11.99