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Saturday, October 27th 2018 changes to Dockside Margaritas All Day Menu

Patron Anejo Margaritacostchanged from 14.00to 15.25
Habanero Lime Margaritacostchanged from 13.50to 14.75
Sunset Margaritacostchanged from 13.50to 14.75
Orange Grove Rum Runnercostchanged from 11.00to 12.25
Frozen Strawberry Margaritacostchanged from 12.50to 13.75
J. Lohr Riverstone Chardonnaycostchanged from 10.00to 10.75
Chateau Ste. Michelle Cabernet Sauvignoncostchanged from 10.00to 11.75
Bottled Watercostchanged from 3.00to 3.50
Seasonal Draftcostchanged from 7.75-$11.50to 8.50-$11.00
Corona Extra Pale Lagercostchanged from 8.25to 9.00
Blue Moon Belgian White Alecostchanged from 8.25to 8.75
Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Hard Cidercostchanged from 8.75to 9.50
Seasonal Margaritacostchanged from 12.50-14.00to 14.75
Frozen Lime Margaritacostchanged from 13.50to 14.75
Selbach-Oster Riesling Kabinettcostchanged from 11.75to 10.75
Removed Pomegranate Limeadefrom Menu Items
Removed Orange Blossom Pilsnerfrom Menu Items
Removed Bud Light Pale Lagerfrom Menu Items
Added Seasonal Beer Selectionsto Menu Items
Added Non-alcoholic Selectionsto Menu Items
Added Beerto Seasonal Beer SelectionsMenu Categorys
Added Specialty Beverages (non-alcoholic)to Non-alcoholic SelectionsMenu Categorys