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Sunday, April 7th 2019 changes to Contempo Cafe Breakfast Menu

Assorgaed Bagelsnamechanged from Bagel to Assorgaed Bagels
Assorgaed Bagelsdescriptionchanged from to with cream cheese or butter
Chocolate Croissantdescriptionchanged from to filled with chocolate
Mickey-shaped Waffledescriptionchanged from with choice of Fruit Topping, Bacon, and Pork Sausageto with choice of Fruit Topping and Bacon or Pork Sausage
Grilled Breakfast Sandwichdescriptionchanged from with Ham, Egg, and three-cheese blend served on toasted briocheto egg, ham and three-cheese blend served on griddled toasted challah
Bounty Platterdescriptionchanged from Scrambled Eggs with shredded cheddar, Bacon, Pork Sausage, Breakfast Potatoes, seasonal fruit and mini-Mickey shaped waffleto Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Pork Sausage, Breakfast Potatoes, seasonal fruit and mini-Mickey shaped waffle
Breakfast Platterdescriptionchanged from Eggs, Mini Mickey-shaped Waffle and Pork Sausage with grapes and yogurt smoothieto scrambled eggs, mini Mickey-shaped waffle, pork sausage, grapes and yogurt smoothie
Hot Cocoacostchanged from 2.29to 3.29
Silver Dollar Pancakesdescriptionchanged from includes smoothie and served with bacon and sausage, grapes and choice of drinkto includes smoothie and served with bacon and sausage and grapes
Pancakesdescriptionchanged from served with bacon or pork sausageto two large pancakes served with bacon or pork sausage
Scrambled Hash Bowldescriptionchanged from eggs and sauce, bacon, sausage, cheese and potatoesto bacon, sausage, shredded cheddar and cheese sauce served over breakfast potatoes and scrambled eggs
Removed French Toastfrom Menu Items
Removed Contempo Expressfrom Menu Items
Added Egg and Cheese Sandwichto Menu Items
Added Side of Turkey Sausageto Menu Items
Added Cuties Mandarinsto Menu Items
Added Bananato Menu Items
Added Cereal with Milkto Menu Items
Added Refillable Mugto Menu Items
Added Entreesto Egg and Cheese SandwichMenu Categories
Added Side Dishesto Side of Turkey SausageMenu Categories
Added Side Dishesto Cuties MandarinsMenu Categories
Added Side Dishesto BananaMenu Categories
Added For Children Ages 3-9to Cereal with MilkMenu Categories
Added Beveragesto Refillable MugMenu Categories

Monday, October 29th 2018 changes to Contempo Cafe Breakfast Menu

Bagel costchanged from 2.99to 3.49
Cinnamon Buncostchanged from 3.69to 4.29
Chocolate Croissantcostchanged from 3.29to 3.99
Croissantcostchanged from 2.69to 3.49
Assorted Danishcostchanged from 3.69to 3.99
Assorted Muffinscostchanged from 2.99to 3.49
Freshly Baked Cookiecostchanged from 2.59to 3.29
Bounty Plattercostchanged from 11.49to 11.99
Breakfast Sandwichcostchanged from 6.49to 6.69
Breakfast Plattercostchanged from 6.79to 6.99
Mini Mickey-shaped Wafflescostchanged from 6.49to 6.69
Soft Drinkscostchanged from 3.29to 4.19
Bottled Waterdescriptionchanged from to small
Bottled Watercostchanged from 2.50 - $3.00to 2.50
smartwatercostchanged from 4.50to 5.50
vitaminenergy or vitaminwatercostchanged from 3.79to 4.49
Orange Juicecostchanged from 4.29to 4.99
Apple Juicecostchanged from 3.29to 3.99
Poweradecostchanged from 3.99to 4.69
Monster Energycostchanged from 4.79to 5.29
Milk (half-pint)costchanged from 2.69to 1.99
Chocolate Milkcostchanged from 2.69 - $3.29to 2.69 - $3.79
Coffee or Teacostchanged from 2.29to 3.29
Gourmet Cupcakecostchanged from 4.19 - $5.99to 4.99 - $5.99
Sliced Breadcostchanged from .69to .99
Soy Milkcostchanged from 3.29to 2.59
Other Juicescostchanged from 3.69to 3.99
Milkcostchanged from 3.29to 3.79
Bottled Iced Teacostchanged from 3.29to 4.19
Strawberry Milkcostchanged from 3.29to 3.79
Removed French Toastfrom Menu Items
Added Bottled Waterto Menu Items
Added Silver Dollar Pancakesto Menu Items
Added Pancakesto Menu Items
Added Scrambled Hash Bowlto Menu Items
Added Beveragesto Bottled WaterMenu Categorys
Added For Children Ages 3-9to Silver Dollar PancakesMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto PancakesMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto Scrambled Hash BowlMenu Categorys