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Centertown Market Dining Location

Centertown Market Breakfast MenuView MenuRecent Changes
Centertown Market Dinner MenuView MenuRecent Changes

Tuesday, June 18th 2019 changes to Centertown Market Breakfast Menu

Mickey-shaped Wafflesnamechanged from Mickey Wafflesto Mickey-shaped Waffles
Apple Juicecostchanged from 2.99to 3.99
Lowfat Milkcostchanged from 2.99to 1.99
Nesquik Protein Plus Chocolate Milknamechanged from Nesquik Protein Plus Chocolateto Nesquik Protein Plus Chocolate Milk
Removed Create Your Own Breakfast Bowlfrom Menu Items
Removed All American Breakfastfrom Menu Items
Removed Pineapple-Banana Pancakesfrom Menu Items
Removed French Toastfrom Menu Items
Removed Strawberry Guava French Toastfrom Menu Items
Removed Chilled Overnight Oats and Nutsfrom Menu Items
Removed Chocolate-Chip Pirate Doubloons and Gold Nuggetsfrom Menu Items
Removed Mighty Dozen Cold-Pressed Vegetable and Fruit Juice Drinkfrom Menu Items
Added Island Bounty Platterto Menu Items
Added Mickey-shaped Wafflesto Menu Items
Added Steel Cut Oatmealto Menu Items
Added Chocolate-Chip Pancakesto Menu Items
Added Croissantto Menu Items
Added Espresso Macchiatoto Menu Items
Added Entreesto Island Bounty PlatterMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Mickey-shaped WafflesMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Steel Cut OatmealMenu Categories
Added For Children Ages 3-9to Chocolate-Chip PancakesMenu Categories
Added Coffeesto Espresso MacchiatoMenu Categories

Tuesday, May 7th 2019 changes to Centertown Market Breakfast Menu

Kids' Scrambled Eggsnamechanged from Kids' Scrambleto Kids' Scrambled Eggs
Kids' Scrambled Eggsdescriptionchanged from Cage-free Eggs, Bacon and Petite Overnight Oats (Steel-cut Oats cold-steeped with Vanilla topped with Caramelized Banana, Dried Fruits and Nuts) served with choice of Side and Beverage to Cage-free Eggs, served with bacon, fresh fruit and choice of Beverage

Friday, April 19th 2019 changes to Centertown Market Breakfast Menu

Avocado Multigrain Toastnamechanged from Island Sunrise Multigrain Toastto Avocado Multigrain Toast
Removed Fruit Parfaitfrom Menu Items

Sunday, April 7th 2019 changes to Centertown Market Breakfast Menu

Muffindescriptionchanged from chocolateto chocolate, blueberry
Added Croissant, Chocolateto Menu Items
Added Cinnamon Bunto Menu Items
Added Bakeryto Croissant, ChocolateMenu Categories
Added Bakeryto Cinnamon BunMenu Categories

Wednesday, April 3rd 2019 changes to Centertown Market Breakfast Menu

Added Muffinto Menu Items
Added Bakeryto MuffinMenu Categories

Friday, December 21st 2018 changes to Centertown Market Breakfast Menu

Hot Cocoacostchanged from to 3.29
Create Your Own Breakfast Bowldescriptionchanged from choice of base, protein and sauce; choose an egg for the top (scrambled, poached or tofu scramble); bases include red beans and rice or home fries; protein choices include rotisserie beef, bacon, chorizo, or plant-based sausage; sauces include salsa verde or pico de galloto choice of protein and egg for the top (scrambled, poached or plant-based scramble); protein choices include bacon, chorizo, or plant-based sausage; each bowl served with home fries, salsa verde, and pico de gallo
Removed Eggs Benedictfrom Menu Items
Removed Apple Juicefrom Menu Items
Added Lowfat Milkto Menu Items
Added Nesquik Protein Plus Chocolateto Menu Items
Added Suja Mighty Dozento Menu Items
Added Blue Marble Bloody Maryto Menu Items
Added Canella Bellinito Menu Items
Added Beveragesto Lowfat MilkMenu Categories
Added Beveragesto Nesquik Protein Plus ChocolateMenu Categories
Added Beveragesto Suja Mighty DozenMenu Categories
Added Specialty Cocktailsto Blue Marble Bloody MaryMenu Categories
Added Specialty Cocktailsto Canella BelliniMenu Categories

Wednesday, December 12th 2018 changes to Centertown Market Breakfast Menu

Removed Mickey or Minnie Cupcakefrom Menu Items
Removed Chocolate Crème Tartfrom Menu Items
Removed Tropical Tartfrom Menu Items
Removed Chocolate Browniefrom Menu Items
Added Caffe Mochato Menu Items
Added Caffe Latteto Menu Items
Added Cappuccinoto Menu Items
Added Caffe Americanoto Menu Items
Added Frozen Virgin Tropical Coladato Menu Items
Added Coffeesto Caffe MochaMenu Categories
Added Coffeesto Caffe LatteMenu Categories
Added Coffeesto CappuccinoMenu Categories
Added Coffeesto Caffe AmericanoMenu Categories
Added Specialty Beverages (non-alcoholic)to Frozen Virgin Tropical ColadaMenu Categories

Tuesday, October 30th 2018 changes to Centertown Market Breakfast Menu

Coconut Wafflescostchanged from to 8.79
Banana Pancakescostchanged from to 8.79
Pirate Mickey Wafflescostchanged from to 6.49
French Toastcostchanged from to 8.49