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Saturday, October 27th 2018 changes to Artist's Palette Breakfast Menu

Bagel with Cream Cheese costchanged from 2.99to 3.49
Assorted Turnovers costchanged from 3.59to 3.99
Assorted Muffins costchanged from 3.29to 3.49
Bounty Breakfast Plattercostchanged from 11.49to 11.99
Breakfast Thin Crust Pienamechanged from Breakfast Flatbreadto Breakfast Thin Crust Pie
Breakfast Thin Crust Piecostchanged from 7.19to 9.99
Breakfast Croissant Sandwichcostchanged from 6.59to 6.99
Country Breakfast Wrapcostchanged from 5.49to 6.99
Egg Florentine Breakfast Wrapcostchanged from 5.49to 6.49
Gritscostchanged from 2.99to 3.29
Biscuits and Gravy costchanged from 3.79to 4.29
Mickey-shaped Wafflescostchanged from 4.99to 6.69
Breakfast Platter costchanged from 4.99to 6.49
Cheese Omeletcostchanged from 8.99to 9.49
Removed Ham and Cheese Omeletfrom Menu Items
Removed Chicken Florentine Omeletfrom Menu Items
Removed Western Omeletfrom Menu Items