Tuesday, 6th of November 2018 Menu Changes to Dinner Menu at Raglan Road

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Tuesday, November 6th 2018 changes to Raglan Road Dinner Menu

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Mashed Carrots and Parsnipsnamechanged from Buttery Herbed Mashed Carrots and Parsnipsto Mashed Carrots and Parsnips
Drunk Musselsnamechanged from Mighty Musselsto Drunk Mussels
Drunk Musselsdescriptionchanged from 1/2 pound of fresh Blue Hill bay mussels in a coconut infused curry broth to 1/2 pound of fresh Blue Hill bay mussels in a Bloomsday Pale Ale, white wine, garlic broth
Salmon Cider Squarednamechanged from Citrus Salmon Saladto Salmon Cider Squared
Salmon Cider Squareddescriptionchanged from Grilled filet of Atlantic salmon with mixed greens, carrots, shallots, orange segments, and toasted almonds tossed in a citrus vinaigretteto cider glazed salmon, charred baby gem lettuce, heirloom potato salad, marinated zucchini with a Wild About Irish ginger syrup, cider wholegrain mustard dressing
Heavenly Ham namechanged from Kevin's Heavenly Ham to Heavenly Ham
Heavenly Ham descriptionchanged from Irish mist glazed loin of bacon with savoy cabbage, colcannon potatoes, parsley cream sauce and a raisin cider jus to grilled lollipop pork chop, root vegetable mashed potato, pork crackling with a port and cider jus
Heavenly Ham costchanged from 26to 29
Bangin' Bangers & Mighty Mashnamechanged from Bangers & Boozto Bangin' Bangers & Mighty Mash
Bangin' Bangers & Mighty Mashdescriptionchanged from Guinness and onion banger on mash, topped with caramelized onions and beef stew to Guinness and onion banger on mash, topped with traditional onion gravy
Bangin' Bangers & Mighty Mashcostchanged from 21to 22
Our Pie to Trycostchanged from 21to 20
Raglan Delightnamechanged from Dundon's Delightto Raglan Delight
In Cod's Waynamechanged from Cushy Codto In Cod's Way
In Cod's Waydescriptionchanged from citrus & butter poached Atlantic cod, lemon & herb crust, creamed leaks & mashed potatoto Pan seared north Atlantic cod, lemon and herb crushed potatoes, garden peas, tomato and caper butter sauce
Removed It's a Porkerfrom Menu Items
Removed Sod the Stewfrom Menu Items
Removed Dunbrody Kissfrom Menu Items
Added StewBaato Menu Items
Added Chunky Monkto Menu Items
Added Entreesto StewBaaMenu Categorys
Added Appetizers/Startersto Chunky MonkMenu Categorys