Sunday, 28th of October 2018 Menu Changes to Brunch Menu at Raglan Road

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Sunday, October 28th 2018 changes to Raglan Road Brunch Menu

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Scallop Forest costchanged from 15to 17
Eggs en Cocotte costchanged from 15to 16
Soul Soup costchanged from 6to 6.50
Pancakes Diaspora costchanged from 12to 13
Dalkey Duocostchanged from 12to 14
Hail Caesardescriptionchanged from chopped romaine with pancetta crisps, grape tomatoes, croutons and shaved pecorino. Add chicken $5 or shrimp for $7;to chopped romaine with pancetta crisps, grape tomatoes, croutons and shaved pecorino. Add chicken $5 or add $7 for shrimp
Hail Caesarcostchanged from 13to 14
Keen Eye for Shepherd's Piecostchanged from 19to 20
Fish & Chips costchanged from 20to 22
Bangin' Bangers & Mighty Mashnamechanged from Bangers and Booz to Bangin' Bangers & Mighty Mash
Bangin' Bangers & Mighty Mashcostchanged from 20to 22
Lobster Club costchanged from 18to 20
Burger 'r' Way costchanged from 16to 18
Crushed Garden Peascostchanged from 5to 8
Beer Battered Onion Ringscostchanged from 5to 8
House Saladnamechanged from Mixed Green Saladto House Salad
House Saladcostchanged from 5to 6
Garlic Parmesan And Truffle Oil Skinny Chipscostchanged from 7to 8
Pork Hash Taggedcostchanged from 15to 16
Three Times a Boxtycostchanged from 16.5to 17
An Irish Eggcostchanged from 12to 13
Champion Cheesecostchanged from 12to 13
Rack of Heavencostchanged from 21to 28
Pancetta & Chicken Sangercostchanged from 15to 16
Pork Belly Hashcostchanged from 7to 8
Removed Smoked Salmon Omelettefrom Menu Items
Removed Schnitzel Savvyfrom Menu Items
Removed Eggs Benedictfrom Menu Items
Removed Ellis Isle Steak 'n' Eggsfrom Menu Items
Removed Spinach Surprisefrom Menu Items
Removed Cashel Castlefrom Menu Items
Removed A Peach of Goatfrom Menu Items
Removed Citrus Salmonfrom Menu Items
Removed Kevin's Heavenly Hamfrom Menu Items
Removed Sod the Stewfrom Menu Items
Removed Raglans Roast Beeffrom Menu Items
Removed Steak Sangerfrom Menu Items
Removed Portobello Beautyfrom Menu Items
Removed Chipsfrom Menu Items
Removed Caesar Saladfrom Menu Items
Removed Smoked Bacon Baked Beansfrom Menu Items
Removed Garlic & Herb Roasted Potatoesfrom Menu Items
Removed Colcannon Potatoesfrom Menu Items
Added Irish or American Baconto Menu Items
Added Black and White Puddingto Menu Items
Added Maple and Bacon Roasted Brussels Sproutsto Menu Items
Added Pork Blah Blahto Menu Items
Added Pie in the Skyto Menu Items
Added Go(at) Fig(ure)to Menu Items
Added The Big Qto Menu Items
Added Boaring Burgerto Menu Items
Added Salmon Cider Squaredto Menu Items
Added The Anglo Irishto Menu Items
Added Salmon Prone to Wafflingto Menu Items
Added Crab Attitudeto Menu Items
Added Rib Oto Menu Items
Added Hipsters Lamentto Menu Items
Added Chunky Monkto Menu Items
Removed Otherfrom OatmealMenu Categorys
Added Side Dishesto OatmealMenu Categorys
Removed Otherfrom Eggs en Cocotte Menu Categorys
Added Entreesto Eggs en Cocotte Menu Categorys
Removed Otherfrom Pancakes Diaspora Menu Categorys
Added Entreesto Pancakes Diaspora Menu Categorys
Removed Otherfrom Full Irish BreakfastMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto Full Irish BreakfastMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto Pork Hash TaggedMenu Categorys
Removed Appetizers/Startersfrom Three Times a BoxtyMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto Three Times a BoxtyMenu Categorys
Added Appetizers/Startersto An Irish EggMenu Categorys
Added Side Dishesto Irish or American BaconMenu Categorys
Added Side Dishesto Black and White PuddingMenu Categorys
Added Side Dishesto Maple and Bacon Roasted Brussels SproutsMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto Pork Blah BlahMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto Pie in the SkyMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto Go(at) Fig(ure)Menu Categorys
Added Entreesto The Big QMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto Boaring BurgerMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto Salmon Cider SquaredMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto The Anglo IrishMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto Salmon Prone to WafflingMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto Crab AttitudeMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto Rib O Menu Categorys
Added Entreesto Hipsters LamentMenu Categorys
Added Entreesto Chunky MonkMenu Categorys