Monday, 15th of July 2019 Menu Changes to Dinner Menu at Yachtsman Steakhouse

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Monday, July 15th 2019 changes to Yachtsman Steakhouse Dinner Menu

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Zellwood Creamed Cornnamechanged from Esquites-style Creamed Cornto Zellwood Creamed Corn
Zellwood Creamed Corndescriptionchanged from Jalapeño, Cotija Cheese, Lime, Cancha Corn Crunchto
Removed Crab Louie Revisitedfrom Menu Items
Added 12-oz Kurobuta Pork Chopto Menu Items
Added Twice-fried Green Circle Chickento Menu Items
Added House-Made Truffle Friesto Menu Items
Added Entreesto 12-oz Kurobuta Pork ChopMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Twice-fried Green Circle ChickenMenu Categories
Added Side Dishesto House-Made Truffle FriesMenu Categories