Friday, 8th of February 2019 Menu Changes to Children's Breakfast Menu at Wave... of American Flavors

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Friday, February 8th 2019 changes to Wave... of American Flavors Children's Breakfast Menu

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Mickey Wafflesnamechanged from Mickey Multigrain Wafflesto Mickey Waffles
Removed Fresh Fruit Platefrom Menu Items
Removed Kellogg's Cerealsfrom Menu Items
Added Egg White Omeletto Menu Items
Added Oatmeal and Dried Cranberriesto Menu Items
Added Scrambled Eggto Menu Items
Added Mickey Check Mealsto Egg White OmeletMenu Categories
Added Mickey Check Mealsto Oatmeal and Dried CranberriesMenu Categories
Added Mickey Check Mealsto Scrambled EggMenu Categories