Wandering the World

Our Roving-EARS reporter CC heads over to the Living Seas to check out the reopened pavilion --
But don’t expect too much.


<<<<==== The fence is still in front of the attraction. But the huge sign which said “Imagineers at Play” has been replaced with one pointing toward the old exit and telling us it’s the entrance.

No sign at the old exit indicates to me that it isn’t the permanent entrance..====>>>>

While the interior has been repainted, there really aren’t significant changes apparent.

It may have reopened, but it really isn’t fully open yet.

I suspect and hope that the unopened portion has more changes.

The two biggest changes:

<<<<====The exit hydrolators are gone. The doors open directly from the interior to the great outdoors.

The shop has been relocated closer to the exit/entrance area.====>>>>

<<<<==== Looking back toward shop and entrance/exit

Bruce Sub House is unchanged. ====>>>>

<<<<==== Nemo and Friends is unchanged.

A new Kidcot Area is open. ====>>>>

<<<<==== Turtle Talk with Crush is unchanged.

From the inside, the hallway where you used to enter from the sea cabs is walled off – another temporary construction wall. ====>>>>

Based on conversations with a couple of cast members, (who were uncertain) the old entrance will be returning once the sea cabs are up and running again, sometime next year.


Cast Members said the sea cab track is being extend (going through the old theater) so it will be a longer ride.