Wandering the World

ESPN The Weekend at the Disney-MGM Studios
Photographs and Report by Linda Mac

This was my first time experiencing "ESPN The Weekend" at Disney and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I do consider myself somewhat of a sports fan, as I love football (especially the Tampa Bay Bucs, since they are my hometown team), with golf and NASCAR following a close second.

Bonnie Blair

Amanda Beard

Bruce Jenner

Tony Gonzalez

Priest Holmes

Adam Vinatieri


What especially appealed to me was the pace of the events. The ESPN Hot Seat Stage in front of the Sorcerer Hat had entertainment for most of the day. Whether it was famous stars like Bruce Jenner (who looks way better in person than on TV) or Adam Vinatieri from the New England Patriots sharing details on their careers or the guys from ESPN Classics Cheap Seats revisiting a 1985 Strong Man Contest which was a riot, the pace was nonstop. I spent the entire day visiting ESPN events instead of visiting the Disney-MGM Studios attractions.

Dr. J and Karl Malone

Dr. J, Karl, and
David Robinson

Bruce, Amanda, Bonnie

Adam, Priest, and Tony

The ESPN Sports Zone set up just past Rock 'N' Roller Coaster was an event in itself. It was geared to kids and adults alike, with many opportunities to physically get involved with basketball, hockey, mini golf and motorcross. Simulators were free if you wanted to try your hand at Indy or drag racing. You could also have your picture taken and put on an ESPN Magazine cover... and it was all FREE.

For a break from the heat, there was Who Wants To Be A Millionaire for the sports edition, complete with stars in the Hot Seat. Or watch a taping of a future show in ESPN TV Theater.

Again, I can only say that I was so surprised by how much I enjoy this special event at the Studios.