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Son Joseph (then almost 2)

Son Joseph (then almost 2)
November 2004


Oh, WOW! Our granddaughter, Emily, getting her hair done at the Main Street Barber Shop in Magic Kingdom

Nov 2003

On my second birthday outside the barber shop in the Magic Kingdom

November 2003

August 2002

My reluctant son needed some Disney
Magic and what better way than to start the day off right at Harmony Barbershop. The stylisthad an idea that would bring out the color of my sons eyes. Yep, they're blue.
August 2002


Look How Handsome I Am!

This is a picture of my 10 1/2 month old son, Derek, after his first haircut at the MainStreet Barber Shop 12/6/04


Isabella's first haircut


Feb 2006

First Haircut
February 2, 2006


March 28th, 2005

Sep 2005

After his cut the barber put a green gel mickey on the back of his head. They did a
great job and sprinkled pixie dust in my hair. It is a lot of fun and lots of smaller guests were there getting haircuts. Fun for all ages.
September 2005
Debra & Barry Medford, NY


Addison's Cut and Color at Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street.

June 14, 2005

Aug 2005

You're never too old for a little pixie dust!
August 2005


Kevin's new doo - June 2005

William Coppenbarger's first hair cut

Here is William Coppenbarger of Blanchardville, WI recieving his first hair cut.
March 22, 2005


January 12, 2005



This is Timothy and his new hair do and color.
It was taken the last day of our vacation on
March 11, 2005
It was truly a vacation filled with Pixie Dust.


"Are you sure you know what you're doing? This is my first haircut."

Grandpa and Grandma took their only grandchild, Ryan, for his first haircut at the Magic Kingdom. Salvador was wonderful with Ryan, who never made a sound. He was just intrigued by the whole procedure.

July 2005


"Check out my new do!"
Braden's Cut and Color
June 14, 2005

Alex Jordan (18 months old) getting his first haircut

Alex Jordan (18 months old) getting his first haircut.
February 2005

"Maybe a haircut at the Magic Kingdom isn't so bad if Mom sticks close..."

"Maybe a haircut at the Magic Kingdom isn't so bad if Mom sticks close..."
February 2005


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