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2005 Star Wars Weekend Photos

Travis reports: We had a great time and really liked this year's event, even though it was packed. The line to get this weekend's limited edition pins at Tatooine Traders was over three hours when we left, and it was even bigger in the morning! Other than that, the best thing at the event this year is the behind the scenes film for Revenge of the Sith in ABC Theater.

Darth Tater Display

Pose with Darth Tater

Darth Tater

Darth Tater Himself

Stormtrooper Star Wars Weekend 2005

Storm Trooper Greets Guests

Star Wars Weekend 2005

Star Wars Weekend 2005

Hasbro Zone at Star Wars Weekend '05

The Hasbro Zone 2005

Game at Star Wars Weekend 05

Games at Star Wars Weekend 2005

Amidala and Anakin at Star Wars Weekend '05

Shaak Ti and Anakin at Star Wars Weekend 2005

Star Wars Millionaire '05

Star Wars Version of Millionaire 2005

Aurra Sing
Star Wars Weekend 2005

Zam Wesell
Star Wars Weekend 2005


2004 Photos

Star Wars Sign Yoda Banner Opening Parade Opening Parade
R2D2 and C3PO R2D2 C3PO Fighter
Jedi Mickey Sign on Mickey Ave Jedi Mickey Fighter Trader Wants Deb's Camera!
Young Jedis in Training Young Jedis in Training Young Jedis in Training Darth Vader
Jake Lloyd Autograph Sign Autograph Area Star Wars Podium sw04ac.jpg
sww04ae.jpg sww04ad.jpg sww04l.jpg sww04ah.jpg
sww04ai.jpg sww04aj.jpg sww04ak.jpg sww04al.jpg


Jango Fett
Clone Trooper Commander
Kit Fisto Jedi
Storm Troopers at Entrance