2010 Epcot International
Food & Wine Festival

French Regional Lunch

Maconnais & Beaujolais

Bistro de Paris

Sunday, October 8, 2010

by Linda Eckwerth

Presented by
Georges Duboeuf Wines

Speaker - Jorge Hernandez

This was my first luncheon of this kind. Right up front, I will tell you I would do it again! I arrived at the restaurant at about 11:40 AM. The luncheon was scheduled to begin at noon. There were folks starting to gather, but we all were a bit confused as there was no signage to indicate we were in the correct location. One woman was on her phone trying to get confirmation and another went to Chefs de France to get confirmation. We learned right at noon when the doors opened we were indeed where we were suppose to be.


Each person had to check in at the podium and then we went up stairs where we were escorted to an assigned table. It appeared if you were with a group, you sat together. If you were a single, as I was, you were placed at the "singles" table. All five of my table mates were at the luncheon by themselves.

Olivia, Sandra, Renee, Shelle, Melissa

Once everyone was settled in, Jorge Hernandez introduced himself. He was our speaker and educator for the next 2 ½ - 3 hours. He explained how we should hold the wine glass, how to smell and taste the wine. As each course was presented, he explained why it was paired with the course. He explained why we should smell and taste the wine before we eat and then do both after taking a bite of food. I am learning more and more how food enhances the flavor of the wine.

I thank my parents for making me try foods even when I thought the dish looked bad or did not smell like I think it should have. I have learned it is always good to take at least one bite to see if I like it. So, the first course was snails served in a garlic sauce and a piece of light crusty bread. I have tired snails in the past and it is not my thing. However, I went ahead and ate one of the two snails and used the piece of bread to taste the sauce. The sauce was good, the snail, still not my thing. This was served with a white Georges Duboeuf Macon Village, 2008.

Snails served in a garlic sauce

Poached egg Beaujolaise style


The second course was a salad served with a poached egg Beaujolaise style. The egg did not look very appetizing. It was purple in color. Once I got past that, I found the salad to be very tasty. This was served with a Georges Duboeuf Pouilly-Fuisse, 2008.

The main course arrived and it was Veal Blanquette and it was outstanding! One of the ladies at the table described it as French pot roast. The meat was extremely tender, the rice cooked just right and the mushroom gravy with carrots just enhanced the meat and rice. With this course we were served two red wines a Georges Duboeu Beaujolais Village, 2009 and Georges Duboeu Chateau des Capitans, Julienas, 2009. Both were very nice wines yet very different. One was a bit drier than the other. Some of my table mates indicated that they did not like dry reds but discovered the dish enhanced the wine.

Next was our cheese course. It was a Saint Marcellin cheese which is a soft cow's milk cheese. This was served with a red Georges Duboeu Moulin A vent Domaine Des Rosiers, 2009.


Our dessert was a peach melba served with a J. Vidal-Fleury, Muscat, 2007 and it was heavenly! I am not a dessert person, but when this dish arrived, it looked beautiful and smelled fresh. While I thought I did pretty good finishing all of my delectable dessert, some of the ladies went a step further and ate the light, crispy container that it was served in. Yes…it was that good!

Jorge came across as very knowledgeable and entertaining. He took the time to walk around to each table and answer any questions we had. The servers were giving generous pours on each of the wines.

This event cost $95.00. While it may seem steep it price, I believe it is a good value. I left the luncheon full and a little more educated about pairing food and wine. Plus, I had the opportunity to dine in a restaurant I have never been in and tasted French wine and food I might not otherwise ventured to do.