2007 International
Food & Wine Festival

September 28– November 11, 2007

690,000 Tasty Festival Treats; 33,000 Bottles of Wine and Champagne

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Walt Disney World guests can sip, taste and enjoy live entertainment all day long as the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival celebrates 12 years of first-rate wine and cuisine Sept. 28-Nov. 11. The six-week-long outdoor festival serves up the authentic cuisine, wine, entertainment and cultures of more than 25 international regions. Exotic marketplaces from Peru to India offer exciting taste treats, and the new Pearville Fair exhibit serves up a slice of Americana with one of the Northwest's most important crops -- pears! The festival is the largest food and wine event of its kind in the world, beginning at the Festival Welcome Center in the Wonders of Life pavilion and fanning around the promenade encircling World Showcase Lagoon.

Here are a few remarkable facts about the 12th annual event:

# More than 300 national and international wines
# More than 76 kinds of international foods, each appetizer-sized portion priced $1.50-$4.50
# More than 160 of America's most celebrated chefs and Walt Disney World chefs
# 1,200 wine and beer seminars featuring more than 100 topics
# More than 1,200 fireworks rockets exploding each night over World Showcase Lagoon in "IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth" grand finale to the festival
# 135 Eat to the Beat! concerts performed
# 33,000 bottles of wine and champagne
# 1.2 million hors d'oeuvre plates
# 2.1 million Vanity Fair napkins
# 750,000 beer cups
# 690,000 sumptuous samplings including spicy tuna rolls, samosas with tamarind sauce, shrimp escabeche and spaetzle with creamy mushroom ragout
# 600,000 forks
# 338,000 wine glasses
# 100,000 miniature desserts including traditional apple strudel, baklava, Bailey's trifle and kiwi custard roll
# 32,000 quesadillas
# 28,500 pieces of sushi
# 17,000 shrimp on the barbie
# 16,500 escargot
# 13,000 Spanikopitta
# 10,500 servings of maple glazed salmon
# 9,750 servings of lamb chops