2005 International
Food & Wine Festival

Photo Gallery

10th Anniversary Food and Wine Festival Sign

Many thanks to CC and LindaMac for the photos!

Epcot Entrance Sign
Epcot Entrance Topiary I
Epcot Entrance Topiary II
Festival Center Entrance
Festival Center Wine Seminar
Festival Center Tasting Room I
Festival Center Tasting Room II
Festival Center Wine Stand
Wine Festival Print Souveniers
Polo Shirt with Logo
Book Signing Area in Festival Center
Nuts about Peanuts - Peanut University
Buzz about Honey I
Buzz about Honey II
Buzz about Honey III
 Festival Booths
Florida Shrimp Booth
Florida Shrimp Booth Display I
Florida Shrimp Booth Display II
New Zealand Booth
Puerto Rico Booth Display
Mexico Booth Display I
Mexico Booth Display II
China Booth Display
Singapore Booth Display
Extra Tables Throughout World Showcase
Artisan Circle Sign
Artisans Circle near American Pavillion
Eat to the Beat Concert Sign - American Gardens Theatre
Australian Wine Tasting Area
Australian Kangaroo "How High Can You Jump"
Australian Walk About Signage
Australia Walk About
Australia Wine Walkabout Booth $7
Octoberfest I
Octoberfest II
Italy Booth Display
Champagne Booth Display
Japan Booth
Japan Booth Display
Morocco Booth
Morocco Beef Shish Ka Bob
Turkey Booth
Turkey Booth Display
France Booth
France Booth Display
United Kingdom Beer Tasting
United Kingdom Art of Preparing Tea
Art of Preparing Tea Truck Display
Art of Preparing Tea Program - Tables
Speaker Susan Sanders
Tea Display -- Note the Mickey Infuser!
Party for the Senses
Entertainers in Entryway I
Entertainers in Entryway II
Entertainers in Entryway III
Entertainment - Center Stage - I
Entertainment - Center Stage - II
Musicians I
Musicians II
Musicians III
Seared Flank Steak on a Sweet Rice Cake
International Cheeses with Dried Fruits and Nuts
International Cheeses with Dried Fruits and Nuts II
International Cheeses with Dried Fruits and Nuts III
Wild King Salmon BLT
Wild King Salmon BLT II
Chocolate Fountain I
Chocolate Fountain II
Chocolate Desserts I
Chocolates Desserts II
Chocolate Desserts III
Food Preparation I
Food Preparation II
Food Preparation III
Pepper Display
Decorative Display
Soup in the Making
"Dulce de Leche" Dumplings
Caramel Cider Infused Apples with Rich Vanilla Cream
Coconut Panna Cotta with Tropical Fruit Salsa
Beer - Samuel Adams
Seating for Four
Eat to the Beat Concerts
Kansas I - Opening Weekend 9/30
Kansas II - Opening Weekend 9/30
Kansas III - Opening Weekend 9/30
Edgar Winter I- October 7-9
Edgar Winter II- October 7-9
Edgar Winter Band - October 7-9